Episode 192 – Live from GenCon 2016

Episode 192 is now available for download! Packed with interviews (and some of Chris’s observations), Episode 192 was recorded at GenCon 2016. Interviewees include Jake Clancy (Cosmic Pioneers), Constantine Kevorque (Centauri Saga), Chris Cieslik (Asmadi Games), Tonya Wolridge (Paizo), Ben Looms (Syrinscape), Anthony Hanses (Forged by Geeks), Matt Riddle (Goonies ACG), Bruce Wooden (altspaceVR), Dan Cunningham (Lunarchitects), Rob Dougherty (White Wizard), Tom Cleaver (Valley of the Kings), John Clair (Mystic Vale), Todd Rowland (AEG), Breeze Grigas (AEGIS), Julie Ahern (Greenbrier), Sean Sweigart (Star Trek Ascendancy), Stephen Buonocore (Stronghold Games), James Campbell (Gut Shot Games), Mike Gnade (Brass Empires), Mike Selinker (Lone Shark Games), Alexander Argyropoulos (MAGE Company), and Chris Birch (Modiphius).

Strange Assembly – Episode 192 – Live from GenCon 2016


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