Preview – Faster on the Draw (Doomtown Reloaded: Faith and Fear)

FasterontheDrawHowdy, Pardner. This week we have another Doomtown Reloaded preview: Faster on the Draw. Since it references Deputies it’s pretty much a Law Dogs card. But even for the other factions it’s a good card if 6 is your value. A 3 bullet swing in a shootout can make all the difference to the draw hands. Even a 3/16 deck needs a couple of stud points going into the draw to nail it’s best draws with any consistency.

For Law Dogs, even without the Pine Box they can field a Deputy Dogs deck – which has some nice synergy with cards like Rafi. While many of the Deputies are already studs, the cheaper ones (i.e. the most likely starters) aren’t. And should Wendy find some Sun in her Eyes, well maybe her being Faster on the Draw will get that sun back out.

In all I expect this to be a nice new trick for Law Dogs, but not quite the oomph other factions will care about. After all, there’s already plenty of actions to gank the other dude’s bullets. The advantage of this one is the potential for making your own dude a stud. Or if 6s are your value it might make sense for a shootout action in your deck. Either way, in the right deck, this will be a powerful shootout action to take.

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