Episode 63 – GenCon 2012 Review (Part 1)

The latest episode of Strange Assembly (#63) is now available for download. Chris, Mike, and Kevin talk about their experiences at GenCon, the current L5R tournament scene, and the lack of fun they’re having with it. Warning: Part 2 is upbeat, but this one is a bit of a downer.

Strange Assembly – Episode 063 – GenCon 2012 Review (Part 1)

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10 thoughts on “Episode 63 – GenCon 2012 Review (Part 1)

  1. The Crane dinner wasn’t at the Ram. πŸ˜‰

    Mike wasn’t the only one to make the mistake, but was the only one who didnt message me on Facebook to check for him. πŸ˜›

    1. I didn’t have that issue, have you tried downloading it again? Also, are you getting it through iTunes or directly off the site?

  2. Good show, and the complaints were all pretty genuine, not idle whining or nerd rage.

    I’d just suggest not playing your tournament decks all the time. I try to keep a wide range of decks going from my tournament candidates to intentionally weak decks for playing against novices. I always try to keep one or two though experiment decks in the line up too.

    You never know when a wacky concept will turn into the next big thing and its just plain fun to try out decks without any expectation of winning. If everyone is willing to mix it up and try different things then its just more fun. I just assembled my first take on a spider honor deck. It may not have too much hope of winning but I see a twinkle in its eye and can’t wait to amuse an opponent with my antics.

    Taking a break is nice too but I like listening to some L5R talk so I’m rooting against that. πŸ™‚

  3. I finally finished listening to this. I have a lot of the same concerns. When I go to build a deck, I can’t help but basically decide between Lion midgame, Lion blitz and Kalani’s Landing, even though Unicorn keeps on doing well and there are apparently other decks that beat the three I just listed.

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