Episode 64 – GenCon 2012 Review (Part 2)

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast (#64) is now available for download. Chris, Kevin, and Mike try to talk about all of the rest of the new games they played or bought during GenCon, including (but not limited to) Netrunner, Smash Up, the Star Wars RPG, the Star Wars LCG, FlowerFall, the DC Comics Deck-Building Game, 3012, the Doctor Who Card Game, Ugg-Tect, Relic, Merchant of Venus, X-Wing, Star Trek Catan, Seven Sisters, and D&D Next. It’s gonna be a stemwinder!

Strange Assembly – Episode 064 – GenCon 2012 Review

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Note: You’ll be getting a post soon with links to all of the games above, and everything else we’ve talked about over the GenCon review episodes.

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