Episode 124 – Sally

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. The crew takes a look back at the games and gaming last year, including naming our unofficial ‘Game of the Year’ from 2013 – Viticulture.

Strange Assembly – Episode 124 – Sally

So, after editing the episode, I realize that we didn’t really do a great job talking about the games we were identifying as the best of 2013 (of what we’ve played so far), just sort of assuming that you’ve listened to prior episodes where we talked about those games, rather than giving them more discussion anew. So below you can find links to where we’ve discussed each of the named games before:

Unofficial Game of the Year – Viticulture (Chris, Jay and Mike) – Audio Review in Episode 101

Trains (Chris) – Audio Review in Episode 103 and written review

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (Mike) – Audio Review in Episode 113

Coup (Jay) – Audio Review in Episode 121 and written review

Star Realms (Chris) – Audio Review in Episode 122 and written review

Eldritch Horror (Mike) – wait until next time


3 thoughts on “Episode 124 – Sally

  1. We’re literally sending the Viticulture files for the second print run to the printer this weekend…I’m tempted to have my designer slap on a badge that says, “Strange Assembly 2013 Game of the Year.” 🙂

      1. I actually floated the idea to my designer this morning for you all and a few other blogs that put Viticulture on their 2013 top 10 lists. Let me see what she says. It’s pretty late in the process, so I’m not sure if she’ll want to work with icons or if she would just prefer to list the names of the blogs.

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