2014 Origins Awards Nominees Announced

The 2014 Origins Awards nominations (which honor games from 2013) were announced earlier this month. The Origins awards, which cover even a wider variety of games than we do here (for example, I know nothing at all about historical miniatures gaming), are run by the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA), with the nominations handled by GAMA through industry panels, and the awards chosen by public vote at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. Though not as well-respected as some other gaming awards (and with good reason – for example, the five CCG nominees this year consist of two Pokemon products and three Yu-Gi-Oh! products, which is a complete joke), the Origins Awards are still of interest, so I thought I’d present a few of the categories from this year, including links to our review of any of those games, but without any further commentary.

Best Roleplaying Game
13th Age – Pelgrane Press
BlackMonolith31FATE Core System – Evil Hat Productions, LLC
Mummy: the Curse – White Wolf Game Studio
Numenera – Monte Cook Games (
written review)
Shadowrun: Core Rulebook – Catalyst Game Labs

Best Board Game
Trains – Alderac Entertainment Group (audio review; written review)
Time n Space – Stronghold Games (audio review)
Space Cadet: Dice Duel – Stronghold Games (audio review)
Krosmaster Arena – Japanime Games
City of Iron – Red Raven Games

Best Traditional Card Game
Love Letter– Alderac Entertainment Group (audio review; written review and other written review)
DC Comics Deck-Building Game – Cryptozoic Entertainment
Boss Monster – Brotherwise Games (audio review)
Clubs – North Star Games
Marvel Legendary:  Dark City – Upper Deck

129622_tBest Children’s, Family, Party Game
Walk the Plank – Mayday Games (audio review)
Three Little Pigs – Iello
My Happy Farm – 5th St. Games
ROFL – Cryptozoic Entertainment
Choose One! – Looney Labs

Best Historical Board Game
SOS Titanic – Ludonaute
Navajo Wars – GMT, designed by: Joel Toppen
Freedom: The Underground Railroad – Academy Games
1775: Rebellion – Academy Games
Francis Drake – Eagle Games (audio review)

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