2012 Dice Tower Awards Winners

Continuing my new tradition of waiting until way, way after the fact to link to gaming awards, now seems like a “good” time to link you to the Dice Tower awards winners for 2012 (they wait until well after the year 103885_thas ended to give people time to play the games). The Dice Tower Awards are, along with the Golden Geeks (from BGG), probably the most relevant gaming awards for those who are more heavy into gaming. You can see the nominees here. The nominees list is, probably, more helpful than the winners list, if only because you get a chance to see more variety. The winners were:

Game of the Year – Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

Best Family Game – Love Letter

Best New Designer – Space Cadets (the Engelsteins)

Best Reprint – Android: Netrunner

Best Production Values – Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

124708_tBest Small Publisher – Mice and Mystics (Plaid Hat Games)

Best Party Game – Love Letter

Best Expansion – Galactic Orders (Core Worlds)

Most Innovative Game – Space Cadets

Best Game Artwork – Mice and Mystics

Best War Game – 1812: The Invasion of Canada

Best Game Theme – Mice and Mystics


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