Episode 104 – GenCon 2013 L5R Lead Designer Interview

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download! Chris couldn’t attend GenCon 2013, but Jay and Mike did, and in the first installment of recordings from the Best Four Days in Gaming, the guys continue our tradition of sitting Bryan Reese down and pestering him with questions, which he may or may not answer to your satisfaction. Blood Money (or the lack thereof)! Draft! Premium cards! The Imperial Assembly!

Strange Assembly – Episode 104 – GenCon 2013 L5R Lead Designer Interview

6 thoughts on “Episode 104 – GenCon 2013 L5R Lead Designer Interview

  1. This will sound weird, but listening to this podcast just really made me have some flashbacks to teamspeak in eve-online. Is there any chance that Jay and/or mike (whoever was the point man in the interview with reese) hasplayed Eve before, and if so was your character Nicocat?

  2. Okay, just snarkiness and your voice really reminded me of a guy from corp from back in the day, we spent a lot of time in Teamspeak, and you’re a dead ringer in voice, so I thought I’d check.

    Game on.

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