Coils of Madness Decklists #3

Yeah, that’s decklists, not just links. I figure I can take the time to gather the actual lists together for these decks that performed well at GenCon. Just remember to take the time to click through to read the players’ comments and any discussion on the decks. A bit of a narrow selection that’s made its way onto the internet by now, with just Imperial, Unicorn, and Mantis in this post, but it’s not like it’s hard to find examples of Lizards Wizards and Kalani’s Landing decks. Now I just need to pin down what the proper gauntlet deck is for testing against Crab ….

Imperial Faceless Honor – Tom Kirchgensner – GenCon 2013 Champion

Journey’s End Keep xp
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


Celestials (4)
Ebisu’s Honesty
Jurojin’s Blessing
Sadahako’s Artistry
The Moon’s Imperative

Holdings (22)
Merchant Atoll (2)
Temple Fortress (3)
Suikihime’s Chambers (3)
Indomitable Home (3)
Merchant Outpost (3)
Shrine to the Heaven’s (2)
Fortifications (3)
Seeker’s Temple
Traveling Peddler
Temple of Tengen

Events (11)
Delayed Arrival (3)
Imperial Gift
Boastful Proclamation
Benefices of Emperor
Star Crossed Lovers
Unseasonable Weather
Cherry Blossom Festival
Willing Spirits
Naoharu’s Gift

Regions (1)
Second City

Personalities (2)
Doji Kazuo


Strategies (38)

A Game of Dice
Unbearable Weight
Bonds of Hospitality (3)
Caught Unawares (3)
Economic Manipulation (3)
Flooded Pass (1)
Frozen in Place (3)
Hidden Defenses (3)
Re-fortification (3)
Scandalous Gossip (3)
Siege Volley (3)
Tell the Tale (3)
Theological Indecision (3)
Virtuous Charity (3)

Ring (2)

Imperial Faceless Honor – Melissa Bowers – GenCon 2013 T8

Journey’s End Keep xp
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


1x Ebisu’s Honesty
1x Hotei’s Contentment
1x Jurojin’s Blessing
1x The Moon’s Imperative
1x The Sun’s Aspiration

1x Benefices of the Emperor
1x Boastful Proclamation
1x Cherry Blossom Festival
3x Delayed Arrival
1x Imperial Gift
1x Star-Crossed Lovers
1x Unseasonable Weather
1x Willing Spirits

3x Forgotten Outpost
3x Fortifications
3x Indomitable Home
3x Merchant Atoll
2x Merchant Outpost
3x Shrine to the Heavens
3x Suikihime’s Chambers
3x Temple Fortress
1x Temple of Tengen
1x Traveling Peddler


1x Ring of Earth
1x Ring of the Void

1x A Game of Dice
2x Broken Alliance
3x Caught Unawares
3x Flooded Pass
2x Forging Destiny
3x Frozen in Place
3x Hidden Defenses
3x Imprudent Misstep
1x Peace
3x Re-Fortification
1x Scandalous Gossip
3x Siege Volley
3x Tell the Tale
3x Theological Indecision
1x Unbearable Weight
3x Virtuous Charity

Unicorn Battle Maiden Honor – John “Ogre” Seals – GenCon T8

Plains of the Maiden
Bamboo Harvesters xp2
Border Keep xp


Celestial (1)
Jurojin’s Blessing

Events (2)
Imperial Gift
The Scorpion Wall is Finished

Holdings (13)
3x Colonial Dojo
3x Prosperous Village
2x Small Library
3x Stables
Stone of Remembrance
Traveling Peddler

Personalities (25)
3x Seppun Jiramu
Seppun Ritisharu
3x Utaku Chikako
3x Utaku Eun-ju
3x Utaku Ji-Yun
2x Utaku Lishan
Utaku Liu-Xeung Exp
3x Utaku Mai
3x Utaku Sung-Ki
3x Utaku Tsukiko


Items (2)
Mining Apparatus
The Blessed Mantle of the Greensnakes

Rings (3)
Ring of Earth
Ring of Fire
Ring of the Void

Strategies (35)
A Game of Dice
3x A Paragon’s Strength
3x Cast Aside the Weak
Creating Order
2x Effortless Counterattack
2x Entrenched Position
2x Gold and Steel
3x Grateful Reward
3x Improper Papers
3x Out of My Sight
3x Suikihime’s Sanction
3x The Compassion of the Unicorn
3x The Perfect Moment
2x Two Stings

Mantis KL – Chris Medico – GenCon T16 (the same one from the Sedai Circuit decklink post, GenCon-specific discussion here)
Kalani’s Landing
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp

Dynasty: 40

Events/Celestials/Regions: 5
1x Jurojin’s Blessing
1x The Moon’s Imperative
1x Gaining Advantage
1x Imperial Gift
1x The Second City

Holdings: 14
3x Sheltered Port
3x Kobune Port
3x Merchant Outpost
2x Second City Port
1x Chugo Seigo
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Buried Treasures

Personalities: 21
3x Yoritomo Kanaye
3x Yoritomo Kanahashi
3x Yoritomo Hama
2x Tsuruchi Nobukatsu
1x Yoritomo Singh – XP2
1x Yoritomo Sachina – XP
1x Yoritomo Harumi
1x Yoritomo Hiromi
1x Tsuruchi Tomaru – XP
1x Yoritomo Minori – XP
1x Thunder Dragon – XP2
1x Soshi Yoshihara – XP
1x Makito – XP
1x Fukuzo – XP

Fate: 40

Strategies: 34

3x Govern the Land
3x Kitsuki Judgement
3x A Stain Cleansed
3x Ingenuity
3x Sudden Blockade
3x Broken Alliance
2x Improper Papers
2x The Law’s Strength
2x Feign Death
1x Gold & Steel
1x Mysterious Deaths
1x Serenity in Air
1x Creating Order
1x A Game of Dice
1x Relentless Conviction
1x Renewal
1x Closing the Gap
1x Fruitless Search
1x Peace

Items: 4

1x Celestial Sword of the Mantis – XP
1x The Isha’s Yumi
1x Black Pearl – XP
1x Paneki’s Mask

Rings: 2

1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of Earth

Unicorn Good Stuff Military – Josh Bow – GenCon T16

Journey’s End Keep
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters


Celestials and Events:
Jurojin’s Blessing
Ryoshun’s Guidance
Imperial Gift
Alter History

Natural Aviary
Shinden Shorai

3x Stables
2x Prosperous Village
3x Recruitment Officer
2x Small Farm
1x Chudo Seido
1x Traveling Peddler
2x Ageless Shrine
1x Colonial Harbor

1x Daigotsu Hotako
1x Utaku Ryoko
1x Shinjo Ki-Chang
1x Utaku Ji-Yung xp
1x Longtooth
1x Fukuzo
1x Moto Naleesh
1x Seppun Ritisharu
1x Shimjo Min-Hee
1x Moto Xiao
1x Moto Taigo
2x Utaku Sung-Ki
2x Utaku Tsukiko
3x Utaku Ji-Yun



1x Creating Order
1x Game of Dice
1x Know No Fear
2x Overpower
2x Broken Alliance
2x Great Sacrifice
1x A Paragon’s Strength
2x Siege Volley
2x The Perfect Moment
2x At Any Cost
1x Black Marketeering
3x Cast Aside the Weak

2x Sneak Attack
2x Sundering Strike
2x Effortless Counterattack
1x Ancient Feud
1x Ring of Fire
3x Grateful Reward
2x Urgency
1x Brothers in Battle
1x Fruitless Search

1x Emerald Armor xp 2
2x Gift Armor
1x Moto House Guard
1x Blade of Champions
1x The Blessed Mantle of the Greensnakes

Bonus Decklink: Phoenix Pale Oak Castle – GenCon BigDeck T4

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