Episode 036 – Draco Malfoy

Strange Assembly Episode 036 (Draco Malfoy) is now available for download. Almost the entire gang – Chris, Trevor, Kevin, Jay, and Justin – tackle the aftermath of GenCon and recent story developments, including the 5-2 cut system, the recent banning and erratum, Solving the Riddle, Goddesses and the ensuing backlash against Iweko, and the Emperor Edition scroll fictions. Also included is the SA review of Ninja: Legend of the Scorpion Clan.

Strange Assembly – Episode 036 – Draco Malfoy

4 thoughts on “Episode 036 – Draco Malfoy

  1. No, Kevin had to sit out this part because we only had 4 mics. But Mr. Baked Beans did comfortably doze on my couch while the rest of us did the cast.

  2. Kevin is in this episode, near the end of the main discussion, because Trevor basically has no preference on the cut system, and Kevin wanted to opine. But, even so, I regret to inform you that there was no further discussion of baked beans. Also, FYI, my grandmother’s recipe for baked beans is the best, so who cares what some restaurant serves?

  3. I don’t understand how a side dish (like baked beans) can be so phenomenal that it’s the memorable standout from a restaurant…. Unless we’re talking about the Flying Biscuit grits recipe. ♥

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