Episode 159 – Double Back

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris, Jay, and Mike revisit the best games of 2013 with an extra year of games and plays under their belts, and then take a first stab at the best games they’ve played from 2014. Will Viticulture convert its unofficial/preliminary 2013 game of the year status into a the final award? Which game will the crew tab as the 2014 preliminary game of the year? You’ll have to listen to find out! Or, you know, just read the text below the episode link.

Strange Assembly – Episode 159 – Double Back

2013 GotY – Star Realms
1st Runner Up – Viticulture
2nd Runner Up – Trains
Also Receiving Votes: Caverna, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Nations, Eldritch Horror, Coal Baron, Euphoria, Battle Lore (2nd Edition)

(Editor’s Note: We usually go by BoardGameGeek year of release, but you may notice that the official release year for Star Realms on BGG is currently listed as 2014. Well, we played it before then, not because of a preview/review copy, but because Jay was a Kickstarter backer. If we were doing it now, we would probably ignore that and would treat it as a 2014 game. But at the time we classified it as a 2013 game.)

2014 Preliminary GotY – Doomtown Reloaded
1st Runner Up – Valley of the Kings
2nd Runner Up – Lords of Xidit
Also Receiving Votes – Xia, Battle at Kemble’s Cascade, WH40K Conquest, Pairs, Dice Masters

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