Preview – Angelica Espinosa (Doomtown Reloaded: Double Dealin’)

Hello, this week we have yet another preview from the upcoming Doomtown: Reloaded set Double Dealin! Angelica Espinosa.

SA-AngelicaAngelica is a stud working for the Sloane gang. And given her low influence, likely any other higher bidders as befits a rough and tumble outlaw. WIth 0 influence she won’t be going around taking control of town, but that’s not her job. She’s a stud, and she kills people good. Not only is she a very cheap 2 stud, but she has an ability to help her move into shootouts she might not be invited to. As to the ability, if used tactically it can be very strong. Leave her out of the posse, and if your main shooter gets pistol whipped she can join in the fun. Just note it does say adjacent, so it’s even more important you pay attention to her positioning. Used well and her ability can swing games. Used poorly and you’ll be cursing your positioning. More and more Doomtown is a game of clever and careful positioning.

In all, a solid shooter to add to the Sloane lineup. I know I’m apt to use her as a backup shooter for my starting posses given her cost. Too bad this now gives two different Sloane starters with no influence, leading to a potential for a quick loss if you don’t control the board well enough quickly. That really is her biggest flaw here: with no influence she can’t help you directly control the town. But a cheap 2 stud is likely worth overlooking that flaw.

IMG_2243A solid B. with 0 influence she may not rate every Sloane deck, but those that use her well will find some clever plays are possible thanks to her ability. Now I just really want to give her a new hat.

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