Episode 147 – GenCon 2014 in Review, Part 3

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris, Mike, and Jay wrap up the initial rundown of their GenCon 2014 experiences, talking about Saturday and Sunday.

Strange Assembly – Episode 147 – GenCon 2014 in Review, Part 3

Programming Note: Our next episode will be an interview with GenCon Legend of the Five Rings Champion Case Kiyonaga. After that we will have in-depth, game-specific looks at Doomtown and L5R at GenCon.

Links to Some of the Games Discussed in this Episode:
Consequential (now live on Kickstarter)
Imperial Assault
Marvel Legendary
Legacy Gears of Time
Lords of Xidit
Seventh Hero
Jupiter Rescue
Valley of the Kings

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