Episode 136 – An Ornamental Arrangement, Part 2

Why is it that when I do a Google Image search for "Hex," I get a bunch of pictures of Megan Fox? Oh, internet, how I hate thee.The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is available for download, and it’s time to break down the recent lawsuit by Wizards of the Coast against Cryptozoic Entertainment and Hex Entertainment, which alleged several types of intellectual property violation from the Hex digital TCG.

Strange Assembly – Episode 136 – An Ornamental Arrangement, Part 2

Relevant Documents include the Complaint and the Wizards TCG patent.

Probably Unnecessary Disclaimer: Strange Assembly is not providing you with legal advice.

2 thoughts on “Episode 136 – An Ornamental Arrangement, Part 2

  1. Really enjoyed this (half) episode. The legal perspective was especially useful. I really had no idea of the actual legal framework that would govern this issue. It does seem to me that they went “We came up with all these awesome features, let’s apply them to Magic and call it a game!” so my first thought was that this was a no-brainer.

  2. Good episode. Really informative. I’ll be curious how this turns out. Pretty bad that I get nostalgia from as game I’ve never played.

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