Clan Tourney Success in Kotei Season 2014 #11

Week 11 is now in the books, with Unicorn and Mantis Ogre dueling picking up another pair of Kotei wins each, and Phoenix finally getting a win in their column. A proviso on the data here – we have a couple of Kotei that we did not have the whole cut for, only the final T8. I’ve gone ahead and used that data for now, but hopefully the full information will get posted later, and then I’ll incorporate it.

[with the next update coming in the next day, this week’s table deleted due to data entry error – CS]

And I’d better not forget those Renewal storyline point projections:

Clan Players Awards Total Projected
Crab 162 61 223 335
Crane 288 284 572 858
Dragon 188 77 265 398
Lion 216 104 320 480
Mantis 176 86 262 393
Phoenix 166 40 206 309
Scorpion 211 120 331 497
Spider 153 61 214 321
Unicorn 204 165 369 554

I want to make a note here as well. Usually I go ahead and reconcile my current point tallies with the official AEG figures because, well, those are ultimately what matters for the storyline results. I have not done that here in one respect because, so far as I can tell, the official AEG figures are incorrect. In particular, the results for the Barcelona Kotei report attendance figures for the Crab, Crane, Spider, and Unicorn that are not consistent with the reporting of that event. Normally I would just think that the public post got it wrong, but here the public post included a full player list and the clan for every player. The official results coincides with that list, except that it swaps the Crab/Crane attendance figures and the Spider/Unicorn attendance figures. Seems reasonably likely that there was just some typographical error along the way. Hopefully, this seeming error will be corrected, or an explanation provided for why it is not an error. Until then, I’m going to do my point tallies under the presumption that AEG will fix the apparent problem.

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