Episode 135 – An Ornamental Arrangement, Part 1

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris, Mike and Rich Bowers-Dean talk about the upcoming return of Dungeons & Dragons and Doomtown (Reloaded), and Chris reviews 13 games in something that is definitely more than 13 minutes. Lords of Vegas, Mundus Novus, Coal Baron, Lewis & Clark, Lady Alice, Manhattan Project, Marvel Dice Masters, Snow Tails, Dos Rios, Cities, Splendor, Forbidden Desert and, of course, Storage Wars!

Strange Assembly – Episode 135 – An Ornamental Arrangement, Part 1

Note: An Ornamental Arrangement, Part 2, will cover the recent lawsuit by Wizards of the Coast against Cryptozoic and Hex. It should be up in a few days.

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