Episode 081 – Premature

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. The Strange Assembly crew takes a first look at the 2013 Kotei season, with additional discussion of the Big Deck event at GenCon and … Harriers? The “foo” rule? Oh, will the tangents ever stop?

Strange Assembly – Episode 081 – Premature

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9 thoughts on “Episode 081 – Premature

  1. ‘I don’t know what you’d have to drop on the Spider to make them respectable’.

    Answer: a competent Design Team, as this one hasn’t demonstrated any ability to correctly Design Spider. It’s either too weak (SE, EE) or broken (CE).

  2. Guys, there’s more to Mantis than just KL. Kitsune have made the cut and Scouts made the T4 in Atlanta.

    1. KL is far and away their most dominant deck. Kitsune has to pray it doesn’t run into (the environment defining) ToP. KK, while playable, hasn’t had very much success other than that one incident.

    2. I’ve got a Kitsune deck together, but if I take it to a Kotei I’m probably the only guy running that stronghold. But I’d guesstimate that at least 75% of Mantis decks are KL. It’s just weight of numbers – you have to be aware of and prepared for a good deck that will make up almost a tenth of the field in a way that you don’t for a deck that maybe one guy at the tournament is playing.

      Although it’s refreshing to have a clan-aligned player voicing the opinion that we aren’t giving their clan enough credit in the CCG – usually everyone just wants to downplay their strengths and play up their weaknesses.

      1. I think you’re probably wrong that you would be the only one playing Kitsune, but KL is the highest percentage, certainly. I’d say that somewhere between 4 and 6 of the Mantis made the cuts were Kitsune, judging from reports and what I can glean from threads on both Mantis sites; I’d probably peg it at about 2 Kitsune players per kotei, generally.

  3. Also worth noting is that Kitsune actually generally straight up demolishes Kalani’s Landing. It’s the other honor decks that are the weak spot.

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