Episode 69 – Sod Off (Part 1)

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris, Jay, and Mike check in with the beginning of a belated Seeds of Decay review. The gang looks back at the Shadow’s Embrace environment (plus a little about Nightfall: Crimson Siege and the Second City box set for the L5R RPG), and then tackles the fortunes of the Spider, Scorpion, and Crane in the coming environment.

Strange Assembly – Episode 069 – Sod Off (Part 1)

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5 thoughts on “Episode 69 – Sod Off (Part 1)

  1. Requesting Reinforcements Reads “Bow your performing scout and target a scout personality…”

    It’s verrrrrrryyyyyyy good for crab!

  2. You do have to target a face-up scout personality…. so you have to run a scout theme. (wish there was an edit feature)

  3. ‘Spider has been bad, and I don’t see how they could get better with these cards’.

    Which really makes one wonder why the DT thinks the worst performing clan will get better with terrible cards.

    One word: Incompetence.

  4. Are you referring to these traits of the Kotei 2011 Season that AEG will not be able to fulfil?

    Champion of Chugo (Duty) – Kotei Moscow, Russia – Anton Tamarov – Lion Clan
    Champion of Meyo (Honor) – Kotei Toulouse, France – Thomas Pecqueur – Crane Clan
    Champion of Rei (Courtesy) – Kotei Granada, Spain – Carlos Saez – Unicorn Clan
    Champion of Yu (Courage) – Kotei Prague, Czech Republic – Jacek Jachymowski – Crab Clan
    Commander of the [Clan Elite Unit] – Kotei Dublin, Ireland – James Cameron – Crab Clan
    Commander of an Imperial Legion – Kotei Calgary, Canada – John Tong – Lion Clan
    Imperial Scribe – Kotei Szczecin, Poland – Przemek Kowalczyk – Spider Clan
    Imperial Matchmaker- Kotei Gent, Belgium – Niklas Rinn – Spider Clan
    Imperial Yojimbo – Kotei Feeding Hills, MA – Josh Griffis – Crab Clan
    Keeper of Earth – Kotei Austin, TX – David Winner – Crane Clan
    Keeper of Jade – Kotei Bacolod City, The Philippines – Lowell Barton – Scorpion Clan
    Keeper of Obsidian – Kotei Barcelona, Spain – Heraclio Sanchez – Crane Clan
    Keeper of Shadow – Kotei Santiago, Chile – Fernando Lobos – Scorpion Clan
    Keeper of Thunder – Kotei Rio Rancho, NM – Zach Lackey – Crane Clan
    Keeper of the Void – Kotei Tacoma, WA – John Seals – Unicorn Clan

    Empire’s Greatest Falconry Aerie – Kotei Green Bay, WI – Brandon Flores – Scorpion Clan
    Empire’s Greatest Jade Works – Kotei Stillwater, OK – Daniel Briscoe – Spider Clan
    Empire’s Greatest Musician – Kotei Selangor, Malaysia – Jason Lee – Spider Clan
    Empire’s Greatest Painter – Kotei Madrid, Spain – Pablo Pintor – Crab Clan
    Empire’s Greatest Poet – Kotei Columbia, SC – Jeff Hardee – Dragon Clan
    Empire’s Greatest Sake Works – Kotei Rockville, MD – Andrew Moul – Crane Clan
    Empire’s Greatest Silk Works – Kotei Auckland, New Zealand – KC Wong – Unicorn Clan
    Empire’s Greatest Storyteller – Kotei Aldershot, United Kingdom – Dario Perri – Crane Clan
    Fortification in the Ruined Kingdom – Kotei Lafayette, LA – David Winner – Crane Clan
    Fortification in the Ruined Kingdom – Kotei Reykjavik, Iceland – Dario Perri – Crane Clan
    Secondary Port in the Ruined Kingdom – Kotei Windsor, Australia – Bradley Webb – Mantis Clan

    Abbot of Daikoku Seido – Kotei Tulsa, OK – Isaac Cynova – Mantis Clan
    Former hero elevated to the position of minor Fortune – Kotei Atlanta, GA – Evan Paul – Lion Clan
    Former Topaz Champion holds position as the Empress’ favored vassal – Kotei Carolina, PR – Wilfredo Rosaly – Crane Clan
    Master of the Thunder Ascendant style martial art – Kotei Sarasota, FL – Richard Walling – Spider Clan
    Reclaimed the Bloodwhite Stone from the goblins who possess it – Kotei Louisville, KY – Trevor Valentine – Lion Clan

  5. If I’m correctly figuring the comments you’re referring to then, no, that’s not what we were referring to. We were just talking about the Empire’s Glory mega-game, which was in 2010, so it was done before that Kotei season.

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