Episode 071 – Sod Off (Part 3)

The most recent episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris, Jay, and Mike wrap up their review of the Seeds of Decay expansion – just in time for those Summer Con pack promos to become legal and alter the format once again. This episode covers the Crab and Unicorn cards, along with the “everything else” piles.

Strange Assembly – Episode 071 – Sod Off (Part 3)

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4 thoughts on “Episode 071 – Sod Off (Part 3)

  1. Looking at the art for Virtuous Compassion, the out-bid character seems to be the new Yasuki from SoD rather than another crane.

  2. It’s just that time of year. Now that the holidays are over, we should have a bunch to talk about. (Like about a million cards being banned.)

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