Emperor Edition Decklists #3

Now that I’ve gotten all of the (publishable) Atlanta Kotei decklists out to you guys, it’s time to go back and get everything else that’s appeared in the last few weeks.  Eight new decks this time, including Dragon Kensai, Lion Ancestors, Crab Scouts, Crane Dueling, Mantis EcoWarfare, and Phoenix Honor.

Dragon Kensai – Alex Nagelvort – Chicago Kotei Winner & Evansville Kotei Winner

Foothills Keep
Boarder Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters


Heavy Infantry Dojo x3
Gold Mine x3
Prosperous Village x3
Akodo’s Grave x3
Travelling Peddler x1
Chugo Seido x1
Temples of Gisei Toshi x1

Alter History x1
Glory of the Shogun x1
Imperial Gift x1
Ryoshun’s Guidance x1
Benten’s Blessing x1

Yamazaki x3
Masatane x3
Mirumoto Reiyu x3
Mirumoto Yumaru x3
Miromoto Kojinrue x3
Miromoto Houken x3
Mirumoto Shikei
Mirumoto Katagi


Never Beyond My Reach x3
Hundred-Fold Cut x3
A Brave New World x3
Near Miss x3
Again! X3
Know No Fear x3
Tireless Efforts x2
Superior Reach x2
Retribution x2
A Game of Dice
Creating Order

Ring of Water
Ring of Earth

Modifications x3
Cursed Relic 3
Wyrmbone Katana x3
Nightingale Blade x2
Blade of Champions


Ancestors – Alex Iartsev – Argentina Kotei Winner

Halls of Memory
Border Keep Exp
Bamboo Harvesters Exp

Dynasty: 40

Celestials: 1
1x Jurojin’s Guidance

Events: 2
1x Naoharu’s Gift
1x Willing Spirits

Holdings: 14
3x Copper Mine
3x Remote Village
3x Small Farm
2x Traveling Peddler
2x Temple of Hotei
1x Chugo Seido

Personalities: 23

3x Kitsu Akai
3x Kitsu Suki
3x Kitsu Tamasine
3x Kitsu Kagako
3x Kitsu Fukui
2x Kitsu Sorano
3x Matsu Arata
3x Akodo Kisho

Fate: 40

Strategies: 33

3x My Enemy’s Mercy
3x Wall of Honor
3x Desperate Mediation
3x Grateful Reward
3x A Forefather’s Vengeance
3x Visitation
3x Ancestral Protection
3x Duel of Serpents
3x Unimpeachable Name
3x Surety of Purpose
2x Forging Destiny
1x A Game of Dice

Spells: 4

3x Intervening Spirit
1x Unnatural Flood

Rings: 3

1x Ring of Earth
1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of the Void


Money Money Money – Andrew Ornatov – Las Vegas Kotei T8/Top Mantis

Stupid MonkeyKalani’s Landing
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


3x Recruitment Officer
3x Venerable Master
3x Traveling Peddler
3x Kobune Port

3x Akodo Ashiko
3x En’you
3x Masaya
3x Moshi Madoka
3x Yoritomo Nakoshi
3x Jahan
3x Tsuruchi Nobukatsu
3x Yoritomo Doho
3x Yoritomo Minori
1x Tsuruchi Samuru


1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of Earth
1x Fruitless Search
1x Peace
1x Creating Order
2x A Stain Cleansed
2x Game of Sincerity
2x Heavily Engaged
2x Brothers in Battle
2x Heart of Darkness
2x Broken Alliance
2x Gold and Steel
3x Siege Volley
3x Sundering Strike
3x Reckless Rush
3x Revenge
3x Brawl
3x Caught Unawares
3x Basic Lesson


The Aerie – David Szeto – Las Vegas Kotei T16/Top Crane

The Aerie
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters xp


3 Marketplace
3 Prosperous Plains
3 Magistrate’s Stipend
2 Traveling Peddler
1 Chugo Seido
1 Falling Rain Dojo
1 Family Library

3 Doji Shigeyuki
3 Doji Genshin
3 Doji Yoshitada
3 Kakita Kazan
3 Kakita Maratai
2 Asahina Michiru
1 Asahina Kitiaru
1 Doji Makato
1 Doji Hakuseki Exp
1 Kakita Tadanobu
1 Fakuzo

1 Blighted Region
1 The Second City

1 Imperial Gift

1 Doji’s Guidance Exp


3 Duel of Haiku
3 Sanctioned duel
3 Steel on Steel
3 Discovering a Conspiracy
3 Wanted for Questioning
3 Sundering Strike
3 The Light of Justice
3 Fear Me
2 The Law’s Strength
2 Broken Alliance
2 Know No Fear
1 Fruitless Search
1 Relentless Conviction
1 Creating Order
1 A Game of Death

2 Singh Remnants
1 Asahina House Guard

1 Blade of Champions

1 Ring of Fire
1 Ring of Void


Money Money Money – Ben Vanderveer – Las Vegas Kotei T16

Kalani’s Landing
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


1x Jurojin’s Blessing

1x The Second City
1x Shinden Shorai

1x Alter History

3x Kobune Port
3x Moneylender
3x Luxurious Silk
3x Magistrate’s Stipend
2x Traveling Peddler

3x Yoritomo Minori
3x Tsuruchi Nobukatsu
3x Yoritomo Hama
3x Yoritomo Tarao
2x Yoritomo Emoto
2x Yoritomo Zinan
1x Fukuzo
1x Yoritomo Sachina xp
1x Tsuruchi Samuru
1x Yoritomo Hiromi
1x Daigotsu Hotako xp3
1x Yoritomo Singh xp2


3x Ashigaru Recruits

3x Broken Alliance
3x A Stain Cleansed
3x Disgraceful Conduct
3x Footsteps of Madness
3x Know No Fear
3x Basic Lesson
3x Gold and Steel
3x Brawl
3x Unorthodox Attack
2x A Yojimbo’s Duty
2x At Any Cost
2x Reckless Rush
1x A Game of Dice
1x Creating Order
1x Peace

1x Ring of Fire


Dragon Kensai – Greg Osbourne – Evansville Kotei T16

Foothills keep
Border Keep exp
Bamboo Harvesters


3x Merchant Atoll
3x Prosperous Villiage
3x Colonial harbor
3x Gold mine
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Chugo Seido
1x Ageless Shrine

1x Imperial Gift
1x Glory of the Shogun
1x Alter History
1x Ryoshun’s Guidance

3x Tamazaki
3x Mirumoto Reiya
3x Mirumoto Yumaru
3x Masatane
3x Mirumoto Kojinrue
3x Mirumoto Houken


3x A Brave New World
3x Fall Back
3x Retribution
3x Never Beyond My Eeach
3x Again!
3x Hundred-Fold Cut
3x Near Miss
3x Know No Fear
1x Creating Order
3x Brawl

3x Modifications
3x Wyrmbone katana
3x Nightingale blade
1x Blade of champions
1x Hunger

1x Ring of Water


Crab Scouts – Steven DeBirk – Las Vegas Kotei Play-In

Kyuden Hida XP
Border Keep XP
Bamboo Harvester


3x Colonial Harbor
3x Recruitment Officer
3x Iron Mine
2x Shrine to the Heavens
1x Chugo Seido
1x Traveling Peddler

1x Ryoshun’s Guidance
1x Benten’s Blessing
1x Hida’s Guidance
1x Second City

1x Hida Kisada
1x Hida Fubatsu
1x Hida Watari
1x Daigotsu Hotako
3x Hiruma Nikaru
3x Nijagun
2x Kaiu Esumi
2x Toritaka Chokichi
3x Kaiu Watsuki
3x Hida Takeuchi
3x Toritaka Shishido


3x Duty of the Crab
3x Disrupting Communications
3x Game of Sincerity
3x Sneak Attack
3x Sundering Strike
3x Height of Courage
3x Reckless Rush
2x Costly Opportunity
2x Brothers in Battle
2x Seeking the Truth
2x Brawl
1x Ancient Feud
2x Broken Alliance

Creating Order
Ring of Water
Ring of the Void

3x Village Guardian
1x Blade of Champions


ToP Honor Dueling – Javier España – Argentina Kotei Play-In Round

Temple of Purity
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters xp

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (3)
1 Boastful Proclamation
1 Imperial Gift
1 Willing Spirits

# Celestials (1)
1 Ebisu’s Honesty

# Holdings (16)
3 Deeds and Words
3 Rugashi Bazaar
3 Temple of Hotei
3 Governor’s Court
1 Traveling Peddler
3 Silver Mine

# Personalities (20)
3 Agasha Kodo
3 Asako Izuna
3 Asako Kaitoko
3 Asako Moeru
3 Asako Tsunefusa
1 Isawa Mitsuko – exp
1 Shiba Tsukimi – exp4
3 Kitsuki Horume

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (30)
1 A Game of Dice
1 Besieged
3 Discovering a Conspiracy
3 Duel of Haiku
3 Sanctioned Duel
3 Steel on Steel
1 The Fires of War
2 The Light of Justice
3 Wall of Honor
2 Forging Destiny
3 Entrenched Position
1 Relentless Conviction
3 Rhetoric
1 Peace

# Followers (4)
1 Asako House Guard
3 Singh Remnants

# Spells (3)
1 Seeking the Way

# Items (1)
1 Armor of the Heavens

# Rings (2)
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of Fire


4 thoughts on “Emperor Edition Decklists #3

  1. Great to see the Crane getting anywhere near a win. I’m surprised nothing so far from Kyuden Otomo, though.

    1. Kyuden Otomo xp isn’t nearly as good as some people put it out to be. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but it’s my opinion from someone who’s played the deck. It’s honor engine is *too* slow and it cannot defend itself well enough unless you are playing the “Castle Scheme.” (And even then that falls to Mantis with their guidance…)

      1. Otomo’s only as good as the discard for favor mechanisms out there, which are underwhelming. You’re bowing a dude for 2 honor (worse than TOP by far) or a card from the singular person. That’s it. The province strength personality is meh (and still worse than TOP’s force reduction by a lot).

        Crane has the weakest tools out of all clans presently.

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