2011 Dice Tower Awards Nominations Announced

The nominees for the 2011 Dice Tower Awards have been announced, and wow are they different from the Origins Awards (anyone who knows Tom Vasel’s opinion of the Origins Awards should not be surprised by this turn of events).  I generally agree that the Dice Tower nominees represent a much better slate (also, they make a lot more sense, which with not including games that came out three years ago).

One thing that is missing from the Dice Tower nominees/categories, however, is anything about things like CCGs or miniatures games.  The Origins Awards at least have these things considered – but if something like a Summoner Wars expansion, the Lord of the Rings LCG can be considered, why not Magic or Warhammer Fantasy?  Now, maybe these things were considered, and rejected in favor of an entirely more “traditional” slate – but I doubt it.  Even if you don’t like the gameplay, shouldn’t there be some sort of CCG expansion in the “best art” category?  I get that Tom is not one to delve deep into things like Legend of the Five Rings or Warhammer 40K – but these things do exist, and are an important part of the gaming community.  Even wargames, which Tom has no involvement with, get a category.  Maybe the “monogamer games” should too.

On the nominees themselves, it’s a bit sad how many I haven’t played yet. Grrr on Eclipse costing so much.  Also, I do not understand the fixation on Quarriors.

P.S. I disclaim any interest in your GeekGold, Mr. Vasel.  I do not need bribes to link to interesting things. 🙂

3 thoughts on “2011 Dice Tower Awards Nominations Announced

  1. The line is blurring, but the LOTR LCG and Summoner Wars Master Set are probably on the list because they’re not random, and most gamers would probably place them with board games rather than CCG’s. I’ve heard Mr. Vasel speak of his dislike for any type of CCG-style distribution in several different videos, so that’s probably why there are none listed.

    The same could be said for HeroClix, as well. In fact there’s a Clix board game listed, but none of the actual Clix sets are, and HeroClix had a huge and BUSY year. Mage Knight, Starfleet Captains, and Quarriors are all games by WizKids that made the list, yet none of the Marvel, DC, Gears of War, Lord of the Rings, or Star Trek click sets are, probably for the same reason as Magic.

    1. And it’s not like it’s just Tom. Why does every single random promo and expansion for non-collectible games have a BGG entry, but a CCG that’s been around for 15 years with scores of expansions just has one? Or why does something like War Machine or Warhammer not get entries for all of their various products and books, when every add-on for ASL does?

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