Episode 033 – GenCon 2011 L5R Story Team Interview

The wait has ended! Chris and Trevor sat down with Shawn Carman, Fred Wan, and Nancy Sauer for a little story interview at GenCon 2011 – and here’s over two hours of audio to prove it. Topics discussed include:

– Which family will Hida Kisada’s little brother be joining?
– Will the Empire expand to the north?
– What’s up with the “Festering Manhole” in Scorpion lands?
– Why were the Dragon chosen to watch the Spider?
– Will things really be all that bad for the Lion?
– The ST defends Goddesses, Part IV
– Fred refuses to answer some questions
– More Mantis questions that you can shake a bag of koku at!
– The growing perceptual gap between players and characters over Iweko
– The changing nature of the Taint
– Nancy argues why Daigotsu wasn’t a Mary Sue
– more things than I can even remember right now

Strange Assembly – Episode 033 – GenCon 2011 Story Team Interview

Note: It’s a big file. There are a lot of you who want to download it. We apologize in advance for any connection problems there may be for the first day or so after this is published.

5 thoughts on “Episode 033 – GenCon 2011 L5R Story Team Interview

  1. Thanks for taking some of your precious Gencon time to make this interview Chris. Really appreciated for us who can’t make it there.

  2. I appreciate this interview, thanks for missing your RPG session to provide for us poor folks who cannot make GenCon and harass the story team ourselves 🙂

    Also, Fred if you are reading this comment, I 100% agree with everything you said regarding the Phoenix clan (as a newcomer to the game, and a Phoenix player, it was all spot on). Our decks *are* incredibly Phoenix and the Inquisitors are placing Phoenix precisely in the perspective I hoped for… also, I wanted to say, since I’m assuming you’re reading this, Henshin – they rock, give em’ lots of love 🙂

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