Episode 033 – GenCon 2011 L5R Story Team Interview

The wait has ended! Chris and Trevor sat down with Shawn Carman, Fred Wan, and Nancy Sauer for a little story interview at GenCon 2011 – and here’s over two hours of audio to prove it. Topics discussed include:

– Which family will Hida Kisada’s little brother be joining?
– Will the Empire expand to the north?
– What’s up with the “Festering Manhole” in Scorpion lands?
– Why were the Dragon chosen to watch the Spider?
– Will things really be all that bad for the Lion?
– The ST defends Goddesses, Part IV
– Fred refuses to answer some questions
– More Mantis questions that you can shake a bag of koku at!
– The growing perceptual gap between players and characters over Iweko
– The changing nature of the Taint
– Nancy argues why Daigotsu wasn’t a Mary Sue
– more things than I can even remember right now

Strange Assembly – Episode 033 – GenCon 2011 Story Team Interview

Note: It’s a big file. There are a lot of you who want to download it. We apologize in advance for any connection problems there may be for the first day or so after this is published.

5 thoughts on “Episode 033 – GenCon 2011 L5R Story Team Interview

  1. I appreciate this interview, thanks for missing your RPG session to provide for us poor folks who cannot make GenCon and harass the story team ourselves 🙂

    Also, Fred if you are reading this comment, I 100% agree with everything you said regarding the Phoenix clan (as a newcomer to the game, and a Phoenix player, it was all spot on). Our decks *are* incredibly Phoenix and the Inquisitors are placing Phoenix precisely in the perspective I hoped for… also, I wanted to say, since I’m assuming you’re reading this, Henshin – they rock, give em’ lots of love 🙂

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