GenCon L5R Story Team Interview Is Being Worked On

I have received a number of requests and seen a number of statements along the lines “I must have missed the ST interview from GenCon, where is it?” You have not missed it. It is

I always wanted to use this.
not done yet. It takes at least several times longer to whip the podcast (interviews or otherwise) into shape than it does to make the original recording. I mostly have to do this late in the evening, after getting home from work, watching Benjamin, and spending some time with my wife (as you can imagine, immediately after coming back from a six-day jaunt to Indiana is not a great time to say “hey, honey, I’m going to ignore you for a while to work on more L5R”).

As soon as the ST interview is uploaded, it will be put in the RSS feed, and you’ll get it if you’ve subscribed here or on iTunes (poor Reese, no one is begging for the DT interview yet). A direct link will also go up here not that long afterwards, and then I’ll make sure to post something on the AEG forums and all the Clan forums.

In the meantime, I selifshly suggest visiting the tip jar – it won’t get you this episode any faster, but it will help ensure that Katie doesn’t get too exasperated with the time I put into Strange Assembly (our wonderful l5rsearch sponsors are still picking up the tab for the new audio equipment, so that doesn’t help me with my better half). Also, it makes me feel appreciated and gives me warm fuzzies (and thanks to those of you who have donated in the past).

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