We Made A Video … Sort Of

Strange Assembly started out as just a podcast, with this website existing essentially as a delivery mechanism for that podcast. Over time, as our repertoire of games covered has expanded, we’ve expanded beyond the podcast with gaming analysis, reviews, previews, and event coverage. But even that expanded content has always been written. We have not, however, produced video content, despite the obvious popularity of that format. I have to admit, however, that my spouse has been, shall we say, unenthusiastic about the idea of producing video content on top of the existing content. So I’ve decided to try an experiment and split the baby, producing video content … sort of.

Going forward, we will be rolling out video versions of our podcast episodes. So if you already listen to the podcast, it’s what you’re already getting, except there will be things like product pictures to go with the talking. It will, however, open the show up to those who prefer to consume content via YouTube instead of via podcast subscription. And it will make the content more readily available to those who access it through search. A substantial portion of the website traffic, for example, comes from Google searches. Google search results don’t really return podcast episodes. But Google search results do return YouTube videos.

You will see the first one of these below, a video version of podcast episode 250 (November 2018 D&D). That obviously is not the most recent episode, but I will admit that it’s taken me a bit to get used to the video software, even for a primitive submission like this. Also, I hear that Dungeons & Dragons is really popular (it’s a good bet that the next video will be episode 255, which was also a D&D episode).

Please let me know what you think of the new option!

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