Providence By Night – Hungry Like The Wolf (Session 3)

Welcome back to Providence by Night, our tabletop Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle, which focuses on the unlives of several new (in some cases, very new) vampires. You can look for new recaps and interludes every Wednesday. The full Providence by Night chronicle can be found at its own permanent page, which will be updated on an going basis.

For now, enjoy session 3 – Hungry Like the Wolf, wherein Nathan and Beth get to know each other, take on responsibility for mortal charges, and learn a little something about their predatory natures.

Session 3 – “Hungry Like The Wolf” – Early Autumn 2014

Beth’s nose wrinkled at the odor of burnt tobacco and stale liquor that wafted through the detective’s office. Taking in the dated ambiance, her keen eyes skimmed across the details of the fixtures and clutter, before coming to a rest on the Bogart stand-in at the center of the scene. Nathan beckoned Beth to sit at one of the wood and green pleather chairs in front of his desk. She took a seat, smoothing her skit, and passed a manila folder to Nathan. Inside were two pieces of paper: the first is an extensive dossier on a green 2010 Land Rover; the other a picture of a man and a woman at a black-tie event. The picture is from an angle, and neither is looking at the camera, as if the pair did not know they were to be the subject of the shot.  “As you may recall,” Beth explains, “my sire’s whereabouts are currently an unknown and I have a particular interest in locating him.” Nathan agreed to perform Beth’s request, but seeks an alliance rather than cash. The pair then discussed at length the events of the last assembly at Elysium and Beth gave Nathan a long discourse on her understanding of the Cainite condition.

A few nights later, Beth received a call from a friendly contact at the Brown University Campus Security Department. The contact reported that Beth’s mortal niece, Rina, had been out on the town after her first week of classes when she was picked up for underage drinking and an unspecified altercation. He also noted that a change of clothes might needed. At the station, Beth filled out the requisite paperwork and Rina was released into Beth’s custody. The two exchanged an awkward embrace, and Beth handed her niece a new outfit. Rina freshened up and put on her aunt’s old Runaways t-shirt. Beth took Rina to a late night juice bar near campus and the two caught up. Beth made sure Rina had her cell phone number, and Rina promised to check in with Beth periodically. Beth warned Rina of the possible consequences of her behavior, but later used her influence with Brown’s admin office to expunge any record of Rina’s incident.

Nathan had been planning for Janine’s return from Hawaii and wanted to be well-fed before seeing her again. Looking for prey that would leave him feeling less guilty, he stalked a sleazy-looking man entering Club Desire. Nathan waited for the man finish a lap dance and head to the restroom.  Nathan followed behind him. After the mark finished his business in the small bathroom stall, Nathan crashed in on the man as he was still fumbling for his belt. Nathan left his victim weakened, confused, and aroused, his perceptions of the feeding mingling with his memories of the strip club. Satiated, Nathan left the club and traveled to his office. Nathan arrived late to find a sunburned Janine closing up. After exchanging pleasantries about Janine’s vacation, Nathan contacted Samuel Wong at his Hong Kong banking office. Mr. Wong expressed his satisfaction with Nathan’s ability to aid his daughter, Mei “Theresa” Wong. Mr. Wong explained that Mei had returned to Hong Kong, but had only stayed for a visit before returning to Providence for the fall semester at the Rhode Island School of Design.  Nathan’s head was filled with questions about Mei’s condition, but he kept his cool and convinced Mr. Wong to put him on retainer to keep an eye on Theresa and keep her out of trouble. After the call concluded, Nathan informed Janine they had an easy babysitting job to pay the bills and keep the office lights on. If only he had the Prince’s leave to stay in his current downtown location …

The night of September 14 heralded the Providence Roller Derby League’s intercity championship game between the Old Money Honeys and the Mob Squad. Spying Kate’s Mob Squad uniform, Beth took her seat near the rest of the team’s fans. It was a close game, ending with an overtime win for the Mob Squad. Beth met with Kate following the match, and the two chatted for a while. Kate invited Beth to go hunting together – but only if Beth could keep up! Kate slung her skating bag over her shoulder and departed Providence Rink at a run. Beth took off after her, barely managing to keep pace, and after a long run, they came to a halt near Roger Williams Park. Kate spotted a man and woman locking lips in the park, and indicated the potential prey. Kate and Beth moved through the woods in different directions. Then, from the other side of the clearing, Beth caught sight of a streak of white fur hurtling towards then bringing down down the man and tearing out his throat in one swift action. Terrified, the woman ran from the scene, straight at Beth. Unable to bring herself to tackle – and condemn – the fleeing woman, Beth let her pass, instead shouting something about a wolf escaping from the zoo. The wolf shook its head in disappointment and went back to lapping the blood seeping from the man. Beth watched as Kate dragged the body into the woods and followed silently. After completely draining the man, Kate shifted back into her natural form and spoke, “I thought I had you all figured out.” Beth lowered her head, explaining that she wasn’t ready for this sort of predatory lifestyle. “This is who I am. This is who we are!” Kate shot back. Neither had anything further to say, and the two parted ways, leaving Beth both slightly sickened, confused, and worried that she might have alienated the only vampire who had shown her real kindness.

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