Preview – Desolation Row (Doomtown Reloaded: Faith and Fear)

Howdy, Outlaw. It’s time for another Faith and Fear preview. And this week we have the new Sloane Box: Desolation Row.

DesolationRowFixedLet’s go ahead and look at this shiny new toy. The first thing to note is it does start with one fewer rock than the base set box. That said it’s much easier for this one to gain monies as you no longer have to choose between rock and control. Where the original box ability made you more or less want to own the town square to trigger each turn and otherwise didn’t care, this one gives you more versatility. To get your control points you just need to hit a 4 bounty on your dudes, which likely means you want to be bad guys as much as you can. Where base set wanted you to keep town square to get your control point each turn, this actually encourages you to fight over the other player’s deeds as getting in a shootout at a private deed is one of the easiest ways to bounty up.

Meanwhile the ability is reminiscent of the old Blackjack box ability – without being broken like that ability was. It still gives you incentive to own town square, and flows nicely with the trait.

In total I think this is a really strong new box for Sloane and would expect to see many of the Sloane decks switch to it – I’m already intending to change my “let’s be bad guys” deck over once the pine box is released. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see more decks start Sloane herself now, as the ability helps offset her early game cost by letting you use her for 4 rock.

On the other hand, playing against this will be very difficult for the other player as it’s potential to explode control points is high, but it will also be rewarding: with so many Sloane dudes *trying* to be wanted odds are if do you manage to off any you’ll make a nice stack of rock too.

A strong card which will change the game for Sloane and against Sloane. I look forward excitedly to the pine box.

Next week: Something… Crazy! Muhahaha…*cough* sorry.


Now git, cowboy!

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