Episode 166 – Spectacular, Spectacular (Welcome to Legend of the Five Rings)

You’ve asked for it, but we’ve never delivered … until now! The Welcome to Legend of the Five Rings (L5R) New Player Spectacular, Spectacular! Why, after all these years, have we finally produced something so obvious as a new player episode? Well, because of the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund 2014 charity auction on BGG, and generous donor Jeremiah Roy.

New to Legend of the Five Rings? Curious about Legend of the Five Rings? We’ll walk you through the basics: what is L5R? What’s an interactive storyline game? How great is the L5R community? What is the game itself like? What are some basic strategy tips for new players? Plus, since Legend of the Five Rings is a game of factions and faction loyalty, we’ve got a special guest from each of the nine Clans to introduce you to that Clan and tell you why it just might be the one for you.

Strange Assembly – Episode 166 – Spectacular, Spectacular

Featuring guest host Jeremiah Roy, and special guest stars John Seals, Reggie Garth, Jay Earle (you know we couldn’t leave him out), Daniel Dineen, Oliver Kuhn, The Slaven, Jim Chin, Robert Denton, and David Lapp.

3 thoughts on “Episode 166 – Spectacular, Spectacular (Welcome to Legend of the Five Rings)

  1. Thank you for this wonderfull episode of your podcast. I only recently bought the L5R RPG and wanted to know more about the card game and I am glad I stumpled upon your show. It was very informative and quite interesting to hear so many people talk about “their” respective clan. I really love the setting of L5R and the card game sounds quite intriguing. Sadly its not easy to even find shops in Germany that have any L5R Cards in stock, but I will keep looking. There is no need to hurry, somehow a Dragon starter Deck for me and one other random Deck to play with someone will find their way to me.
    Thank you again for this episode, guess I will have to read the core rulebook a bit more, since I plan to send my players to Rokugan.

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