Clan Tourney Success in Spring Kotei Season 2015 #4

Another week, another two Kotei, one result that you might think would represent balance gone out of whack, and yet an overall balance number that is unchanged from last week. Interesting …

In the two Kotei last weekend, one (Budapest) had fantastic Clan balance (7 different Clans in T8). The other (Pennsylvania) had pretty much the opposite, with current reporting being that there were only two Clans in T8, and only one (Mantis) in T4. On the one hand, this would tend to buttress the beliefs of many going into the season that Mantis would be too good (on the other hand … please, please stop saying that the Phoenix are bad; I know they haven’t won a Kotei, but they are really not bad). On the other hand, because of the limited data-set, the surge of those two Clans this weekend is essentially countered by a Scorpion dropping back to earth (they had been bolstered by a 3-for-3 showing in OKC on the first weekend, so it’s pretty much been downhill from there).

The Unicorn have come up from their painful initial start … but not by enough to make it not painful.

20F Arc
Players% of FieldMade CutWon% Made CutRelative Chance of Making Cut

Making the Cut Rankings
1: Phoenix – 31%
2: Mantis – 30%
3: Crab – 25%
4: Scorpion – 21%
AVERAGE (per Clan) – 20%
5: Lion – 19%
6: Crane – 18%
7: Spider – 14%
8: Dragon – 14%
9: Unicorn – 10%

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