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It seemed like a good time for another installment of things that might be of interest on Kickstarter.


Lore of the Clans for V20: I’m not sure when last I discussed it, but those of you have been around for some time may recall that I have a bit of a nostalgia thing for Vampire: the Masquerade. The 20th Anniversary was big and beautiful (especially the deluxe printed version) and (if I understand correctly) Onyx Path has been following a model for major books to do a Kickstarter for a fancy deluxe version, followed by a DriveThru release as a PDF and print on demand. Lore of the Clans is the most recent entry and, of the Vampire supplements produced in this way, the most interesting to me (the image above is a mock-up of the deluxe edition cover). The Kickstarter has a link to a Google drive version of the draft manuscript, so you can check out most of what you’re getting. It will be somewhere north of 280 pages, and the most basic “get the book” (in both fancy and PDF versions) option is $55 (shipping included in US). As of the time of this post, Lore of the Clans is fully funded with about two weeks to go.



Raiders of the North Sea: Some folks will be interested in this thematically because, hey, Vikings! I am intrigued by the worker placement/action selection mechanic. The workers do not belong to one player, but will change hands throughout the game. You have one worker in hand at the start of your turn, place it to take the action on the selected spot, and then pick up a worker from somewhere else to take the action on that spot. Once you’ve accumulated enough crew and provisions, then you can start raiding for victory points. Picking up the game on Kickstarter costs about $42 (US) (shipping included). The game is fully funded and will be on Kickstarter for another two weeks or so.



Awaken: In this dark fantasy RPG, players take on the role of Vasalli, beings with ancient power, as they attempt to save an Alliance that represents what remains of civilization as it struggles against raiders and returning monsters of old. Or just accumulate what power they can, as the case may be. The Awakening refers to the experience of a seemingly-ordinary human being discovering that they have the power of a Vasalli lineage. The game comes as two books – one setting, one mechanics. Picking up physical copies of both is $55 (plus shipping, which is $10 in the US), but there are cheaper options for just one book or the other in hardcover or just PDFs (and, of course, more expensive options with more swag or the opportunity to insert yourself into the setting in some way). Awaken just launch a few days ago, has about four weeks left, and is currently unfunded.



 Ion: A Compound Building Game: Here’s another one that, if you’ve been with us for a while, you can probably guess why it’s on here. SCIENCE! Ion is a light card drafting game where each card is an atom and points are scored by forming electrically neutral compounds (or sets of noble gases). The “compound” cards you see above are goals that hand out bonus points for forming specific compounds, and the tiles grant actions that can each be used once per game per player. Ion is $19 for a copy of the game (free shipping to the US) and as of the time of writing is already funded without about three weeks left to go.



Three More Stonemaeir Treasure Chests: This one is not itself a game, so I’ll stick it down here at the bottom. But if you’re the sort of gamer who likes to fancy up your games (and based on the number of metal coin Kickstarters there have been, there must be a lot of you), then these treasure chests (there are three different ones, each with six distinct resources) will be amazing for you. They’re $35 for one treasure chest (contains 22 of each of the six resources, may go up with stretch goals) or $89 for three (presumably one of each kind, but I suppose you can be boring and get three of the same one). As of the time of this post the treasure chests are fully funded and there are about two weeks to go.

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