Ivory Edition Decklists #3 (Mostly Dragon Edition)

OK, I’m still working on that Thunderscape review (from that Shawn Carman guy you L5R players may have heard of), which I thought I was going to get done this week (totally not going to happen – that work travel schedule got changed up … also, I may have played some Mass Effect … that’s right, the original Mass Effect, I am that far behind on video games, and got the Mass Effect Trilogy for Christmas 2013 … could I fit any more asides into this parenthetical?), but it seemed like I should make sure to actually get some additional post up this week, and I do believe there are some L5R decks laying around somewhere to link to.

As always, make sure to click through the links to see what the players comments on playing the deck are. That’s much more valuable than just reading a decklist. Also, like last time, skipping first and second place decks for now because AEG is publishing them on their forums.

Dragon Weapons – Mike Petke – San Jose Kotei T4

The Remote Monastery of the Dragon

Treat your ashigaru well, for one day you will need to blow up their farm to be able to defend your provinces.

Dynasty (40):

Holdings (23):
Ashigaru Fort x3
Bamboo Harvester (Exp)
Counting House
Famous Bazaar x3
Farmer’s Market x3
Gold Mine x3
Nexus of Lies x3
Productive Mine
Temple of Tengen
The Emerald Dojo
Vast Paddy Fields x3

Personalities (17):
Kitsuki Kinaro (Exp)
Mirumoto Hatsuto x3
Mirumoto Hikuryo x3
Mirumoto Kalen (Exp)
Mirumoto Tsukazu x3
Tamori Jinai x3
Togashi Mitsu (Exp)
Togashi Noboru, the Shattered Star (Exp)
Usagi Seki, the Untouchable

I still hate this guy.

Fate (40):

Items (14):
Lost Blade of the Maharaja x2
Storm-Forged Blade x3
Tiger Claw x3
Utaku’s Destiny x3
Versatile Blade x3

Rings (2):
Ring of Air
Ring of Earth

Strategies (24):
A Game of Dice x1
Back to the Front x2
Coward! x1
Creating Order x1
Directing the Battle x1
Discretionary Valor x2
Elemental Adroitness x1
Fall Back! x2
Reprisal x1
Sudden Movement x2
The Crystal Tears x2
The Turtle’s Shell x3
Tonfajutsu x3
Versatile Army x2


Crane Scouts – Gonzalo Brown – Santiago Kotei T4

The Exquisite Palace of the Crane
Akagi Sensei

Dynasty (41):

Holdings (20):
Nexus of Lies x3
Productive Mine x2
Marketplace x3
Famous Bazaar x3
Heavy Infantry Dojo x3
Counting House x1

Akodo Dairuko, Humblebraggart

Family Library x1
Bamboo Harvester exp x1
Oracle of the Void exp x1
General’s Hatamoto x2

Personalities (21):
Kakita Ibara x2
Zansho exp x1
Daidoji Gensai x3
Daidoji Uijirou x3
Daidoji Tametaka x3
Daidoji Tametaka exp2 x1
Daidoji Tanshi x3
Daidoji Kinta x3
Asukai, the Tireless x1
Tsuruchi inexp x1

Fate (41):

Strategies (29):
Breaking the Rhythm x2
Creating Order x1
A Game of Dice x1
For the Fallen x3
Fall Back! x2

… or a giant carrot.

Unholy Strike x3
Advance Warning x3
Sudden Movement x2
Unsettling Gathering x3
A Champion’s Tactics x3
Contentious Terrain x3
The Turtle’s Shell x3

Followers (6):
Expert Archers x3
Spearmen x3

Items (6):
Family Sword x3
Koan’s Staff x1
Khalimpeh-jiak x2


Dragon Enlightenment – Tan Ahmad – San Jose Kotei T8

The Remote Monastery of the Dragon
Mahatsu Sensei


Dynasty (40):

Event (2):
1 Dark Audience
1 Wisdom Gained

Holding (17):
1 Bamboo Harvesters – exp
1 Counting House
3 Gold Mine
2 Imperial Explorer’s Dojo
3 Jade Pearl Inn
3 Suana Dojo
2 Traveling Market
2 Yukihime’s Hot Springs

Personality (21):
1 Hiruma Nikaru, the Flesh Eater – exp2
1 Iuchi Wattu
1 Iweko Seiken
1 Kitsuki Kinaro – exp
3 Mirumoto Hikuryo
1 Mirumoto Kalen – exp
1 Mirumoto Shikei, the Laughing Dragon – exp

Still not a no-dachi.

3 Mirumoto Tsuda
1 Suzume Shindo, the Final Blade
3 Togashi Ango
3 Togashi Korimi
1 Togashi Mitsu – inexp
1 Togashi Noboru – exp2

Fate (40):

Item (6)
3 Dotanuki
1 Heart of Fudo – exp2
2 Regal Furisode

Ring (5)
1 Ring of Air
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of Fire
1 Ring of the Void
1 Ring of Water

Strategy (29)
1 A Game of Dice
2 A Moving Battle
3 Come One at a Time

I could use the current version, but I can’t figure out why they changed the art concept from “guys with shields” to “guy using corpses as shields.”

1 Creating Order
3 Entrenched Position
2 Expensive Achievement
2 Find Your Center
2 Iaijutsu Dojo
2 Imperial Summons
2 My Lord’s Favor
3 Nubane’s Defense
2 Sudden Movement
2 The Turtle’s Shell
2 Two Steady Breaths


Dragon Dueling – Jim Chin – San Jose Kotei T16

The Remote Monastery of the Dragon
Hojatsu Sensei

Dynasty (40):

Holdings (18)
3x Gold Mine
2x Nexus of Lies
2x Productive Mine


3x Jade Pearl Inn
2x Yukihime’s Hot Springs
2x Fudoist Temple
1x Ivory Dojo
1x Temple of Tengen
1x Bamboo Harvesters xp

Personalities (22):
1x Togashi Mitsu inexp
1x Mirumoto Kalen xp
1x Mirumoto Katagi xp
1x The Dark Naga xp
1x Kakita Hideo, the Fallen Keeper
3x Mirumoto Hatsuto
3x Mirumoto Hikuryo
3x Mirumoto Niwa
3x Mirumoto Tsukazu
3x Mirumoto Kazuya
2x Mirumoto Nokkai

Fate (40):

Strategies (26):
1x Creating Order
3x In Stillness, Forge the Soul

Note: shortly after this card was printed, Horume burned down that Fudoist Temple up there.

3x Demonstrating Technique
3x Do Not Delay!
3x A Weakness Exposed
2x Iajutsu Dojo
3x Sudden Movement
2x Entrenched Position
3x Come one at a Time
3x Magistrate Falls

Rings (2):
1x Ring of Air
1x Ring of Earth

Items (12):
2x Sadamune Blade
3x Family Sword
3x Versatile Blade
3x Justice of the Crane
1x Egg of Pan Ku xp

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