Episode 123 – Ivory Squared

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download! Seriously – two in one week! No month-long wait! In this episode, Chris and Jay talk about the Ivory Championships last weekend, and give some general first thoughts on the state of the game after Ivory Edition.

Strange Assembly – Episode 123 – Ivory Squared

4 thoughts on “Episode 123 – Ivory Squared

  1. On gold schemes, it’s not a straight choice between a 3/1 scheme and a 4/2 scheme thanks to Jade Pearl Inn (JPI). A deck playing Nexus/Productive/JPI (and some 1 cost holdings) effectively has 9 holdings that guarantee you 4G T1. So most of my schemes (for 4G boxes) have holdings that cost 1,2,3 and 4 with JPI smoothing things out.

    Of course, JPI isn’t exactly budget friendly! It looks like that is the chase rare for the edition…

    Agree with all your comments on Coils characters and their power level. I’ve even put Kachiko in Crane honor builds, much to the dismay of our local Scorpion loyalist 🙂

    1. Donni is correct in his valuation of Kachiko (and y’all are too about some of the COM cards). She’s over the top good.

      Donni is also correct in his assumption that it’s not a choice between a 3/1 scheme and a 4/2 scheme. My simulator suggests that JPI is really less about setting up optimal gold, and more about deck thinning and the ability to use meta holdings that cost 1g. If you just want consistent gold, 4s and 2s are good.

      1. Oh yeah! I also think you might be focusing too much on battle actions with costs. I’m not sure that there are many that I’m keen to run. You’re right in that Ivory appears to be largely gold-cost-free, and those actions are quite powerful.

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