Shameless Commerce

Got some L5R things that I was going to put up on eBay, but those seller fees are rough, so I figured I’d list them up here first and see if any of you guys wanted to pick them up. If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail ( and I can figure out the shipping to wherever you are (trivial for singles, not so trivial if you want a package overseas).

Emperor Edition Booster Box $70

Expansion Starter Decks – $10 each
– Lion (Before the Dawn)
– Dragon (Second City)
– Mantis (Second City)
– Scorpion (Second City)
– Lion (Embers of War)
– Spider (Embers of War)
– Unicorn (Embers of War)
– Dragon (Seeds of Decay)
– Mantis (Seeds of Decay)
– Scorpion (Seeds of Decay)

2012 Kotei Promo Pack $5

Recruitment Officer x3 $40

Peace $5

Wyrmbone Katana x3 $20

The Deciding Moment (Race for the Throne version) $20

The Ivory Sword $5

I also have a couple of anime DVDs/Blu-Rays (Escaflowne, FLCL, Tenchi) and PS3 games (Uncharted 2, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus) up on eBay if that’s your cup of tea.

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