Kotei 2013 Storyline Update #2

With handy little posts like this one, it looks like there isn’t going to be a lot of need for the weekly Kotei story updates – AEG Briscoe looks all ready to go to bring you Warlord updates, the current status of the Colonies v. Empire voting, and a nice graphical breakdown of who’s doing what to whom in the finals.

However, that update (at least so far) does not have the clan-on-clan violence tally, so I’ll go ahead and keeping bringing that to you. For this week it’s (obviously) in its own post, but I may roll it into the normal statistics update starting next week, since it can also be used to get a snapshot of what matchups are like in the elimination rounds (at least on a gross scale).

The numbers in parentheses are how many victories that Clan has over its current victim. Multiple clans indicates a tie at that number of wins.

Crab take a location from Scorpion (3).
Crane take a location from … oops!
Dragon take a location from Lion/Mantis/Phoenix/Spider/Unicorn (1).
Lion take a location from Phoenix (5).
Mantis take a location from Lion/Phoenix (2).
Phoenix take a location from Crab/Dragon (6).
Scorpion take a location from Crab/Lion (2).
Spider take a location from Crab/Phoenix/Unicorn (1).
Unicorn take a location from Mantis (2).

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