Scholarly Hermit

Preview – Scholarly Hermit (Gates of Chaos)

Moar Gates of Chaos previews! Today we have another arrow in the Fudo quiver … or maybe not. The Scholarly Hermit, after all, seems to be well-versed in both Fudoist and Shinseist philosophy, as he can retrieve real Rings from your discard pile, not just the Fudo-branded facsimiles (maybe that’s why he doesn’t have an honor loss, despite being both Fudo and Gaijin). And the Fudo deck – at least if it’s running it out of the Fudo stronghold – may not have as much need for Ring retrieval, since the box has built-in False Ring recursion anyway (plus Fudo may have to win a duel, where the 2FV on the Hermit will be a liability).

Scholarly Hermit

And, of course, we’ll have to wait to see a lot more Ivory Edition-legal cards before we can really know how handy the Scholarly Hermit might be for enlightenment there.

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