Preview – Faint Praise (Ivory Edition)

When needs he must, yet faintly then he praises,
Somewhat the deed, much more the means he raises:
So marreth what he makes, and praising most, dispraises.

I would have led with the Alexander Pope, but the whole family friendly policy means I can’t actually repeat the primary idiomatic use of “faint praise,” so I’ll go with this quote from Phineas Fletcher’s “The Purple Island,” which I would never have heard of except that Wikipedia quoted it.


Wow, that Strange Assembly. It is totally not the worst website in the universe. There are at least a half-dozen websites that are less useful. Not sure if we can say the same about the podcast, but the website is better than a poke in the eye. And that Chris. He does sometimes string letters together into sentences. Watch out for him.

2 thoughts on “Preview – Faint Praise (Ivory Edition)

  1. Hm. Solid dishonor card, and also pretty effective as honor meta. Honor decks can even play it vs other honor decks, especially if they’re also playing Political Standoff (‘do you stop gaining honor for the rest of the turn and lose a turn, or give me your next gain instead’?).

    The real challenge will be playing it after your opponent has run out of 1 point gains to play. I don’t think we’ve seen any 1-point gains from hand yet, so that may be easier than it sounds.

    Not Kharmic, but 3FV in an arc where lots of actions discard a card for a FV-based effect means this could see a lot of play.

  2. Not sure people seem to know the meaning of ‘faint praise’, it means you praise something, but in such a way as to damn it, such as, “She is the best living fantasy author in Australia.”* saying something like “It isn’t the worse.” isn’t praise.

    *This implies that there are better Australian fantasy authors who are dead, and that Australia is not know for its fantasy authors.

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