A Letter From Moto Naleesh

Another letter from a Clan Champion, this time from the divine Moto Naleesh. Good to see someone talking sense about the “conflict” between Rokugan and her colony.

Children of the Wind,

The past few years have been trying for our clan. Your support, your loyalty, and your devotion have not gone unnoticed. It is said that I am the goddess Shinjo reborn. Whether that is true or not is not for me to say, but I know that I never feel worthy of such a legacy except when I spend time int he company of you, my fellow Unicorn

I know that a great many of you have questioned the nature of our relationship with the Dragon Clan, particularly in the wake of the end of my betrothal with the Dragon Champion. The time for dwelling on such things is at an end. Treat the Dragon with no more disdain or favor than any other clan, for they have not earned your enmity, but neither have the earned your favor. I have no interest in squandering your lives over something I no longer regard as important. My destiny, it seems, is elsewhere.

We hold a larger number of prestigious positions than we have never held before, and we have made good use of them. Members of our clan hold the positions of Emerald Champion and Shogun of the Empire within Rokugan, and the Ivory Champion within the Colonies. This has allowed large numbers of our people to serve within the organizations of our fortunate brethren, and this is both a blessing and a curse; the additional status afforded by such postings bring us greater prestige as a whole, but it also depletes our ranks, something we must be every mindful of.

The Unicorn Clan represents the link between the Empire and the Colonies. We are the ones who safeguard those who wish to ravel to that distant land, and we are the ones who welcome travelers in both directions to their destination, whether at our stronghold within the Empire or at Journey’s End Keep in the northern reaches of the Colonies. As such, it falls to us, to the people of both lands that they are one and the same. Distance can weaken even ties of blood, and this is something we cannot permit to happen. The growing ambivalence within the Empire towards the Colonies, as well as the increasing resentment among Colonial samurai toward their kinsmen in the Empire, could lead to conflict if it is not carefully managed. If I am to live up to the name I have been given, then I cannot permit that to happen.

The Unicorn Clan has always been the voice of reason, the compassionate hand that salves the wounds of the Empire. This time, it is our opportunity to prevent a war that some believe may be inevitable. If we are children of the wind, then I say let it be a wind of peace.

Moto Naleesh

Unicorn Clan Champion

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