A Letter From Yoritomo Hiromi

We heard from the Crane this morning, mostly about the aftereffects of their war with the Mantis. And what do the Mantis have to say about that? Well, apparently that they’d like the Story Team to double down on that “the Mantis navy is so strong that it’s impossible to tell a good story about them fighting anyone” problem. Also maybe they want to follow up in support of Reese’s comments from a month ago about not getting any respect (don’t tell Hiromi, but I can’t help but note that the Mantis, like the Crane, seem primarily concerned with what other people are saying about them).

Sons and Daughters of the Storm,

At last the Empire has recognized the importance and the value of these Colonies that we, the Mantis Clan, have labored thanklessly so long to create and maintain. The recent arrival of the eldest imperial heir within its borders gives me hope at long last that the people of Rokugan will cease to look upon this marvelous land as an aberration or a secondary fiefdom and give it, and us, the recognition we so rightfully deserve.

What other clan could accomplish that which we have accomplished? What other clan could carve such a land of wonders from the ashes of a ruined gaijin kingdom? None have the knowledge, the strength, or the spirit for such things. We alone have done what was asked of us, and we have received nothing but scorn in return. As in the days of our great founder Yoritomo, the contributions and strength of the Mantis Clan is overlooked, and like Yoritomo-sama, I will have none of it. The time has come for a reckoning.

For decades now we labored to prepare and staff the Fourth Storm, the fleet of massive warships created in secret by my predecessor, Yoritomo Aramasu. We have succeeded at last. All three of our clan’s original storms remain at full strength, and we can now put to sea the entirety of the Fourth Storm as well. It required the bolstering of ranks by our Kitsune brethren, as well as hiring of numerous ronin to fill in empty positions, but we have succeeded at a task my father believed might never be accomplished, and now we are an unprecedented power in the world. Just as the Lion are alleged to be feared the world over for their military might, there is no single nation in the known world that can rival our naval power.

The time has come to send a message.

Our efforts in the Colonies have been redoubled. We, the Mantis, shall hunt down and eliminate the threats that the other clans rear. The Red Hunger. The Great Death. The mythical Yuna, leader of the remaining Cult of Ruhmal. These are all foes the Mantis alone can and shall vanquish. And should the other clans fail to give us our due, should they pig-headedly refuse to recognize our accomplishments, they shall discover to their horror that the entirety of their coastline in Rokugan will be blockaded by a force of ships vastly superior to anything that they have seen.

A storm is coming to Rokugan.

Yoritomo Hiromi
Mantis Clan Champion

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