A Letter From Hida Kisada (the little one)

Just to prove that the Crab too can play at words, here’s the letter from the Little Bear to his clan. To summarize: “Crab smash Spider.” Not exactly news – although relying on Renyu as a source of information in making important decisions seems … dangerous and perhaps foolish. Not that I’m denouncing anyone for that.

Defenders of the Empire,

The Empire that we have chosen to spend our lives in defense of is not the empire that our grandparents knew, and perhaps not even that which our fathers knew. A generation ago, the Destroyer War laid waste to the whole of Crab lands, The majority of Scorpion lands, and very nearly the Empire as a whole. When that conflict was ended, Rokugan was in a precarious state, and a sinister bargain was struck in the interests of preserving the empire for our generation. I do not question the reasons for this bargain; I understand it as my mother did, despite that I feel it was dangerous and perhaps even foolish. Still, the Divine Empress conducts her affairs with the blessings of the Celestial Heavens and I will not denounce the one whom I serve without question.

That does not mean that I will restrain myself any longer with regards to the tolerance of the so-called Spider Clan within the boundaries of the empire of Rokugan.

The information that has been given to me from my brother in the colonies has led me to one inescapable conclusion: the Spider are as twisted and as evil as they have ever been, and we have clutched a serpent to our breast. I will not stand idly by and wait for them to strike. The Crab must defend the Empire from all threats, even those that grow within its borders. The Spider cannot and will not be permitted to become a greater threat than they already are. Not so long as I am lord of the crab.

I call upon all loyal members of the Crab families to ensure that any and all endeavors undertaken by the Spider within Rokugan are to be thwarted at all costs. The efforts of the Susumu in court should be denied at every opportunity. The Strongholds of the order of the Spider should be carefully monitored and, where possible, studied for the inevitable siege that will one day be necessary. All who stand with the Spider must be treated with suspicion. This includes the Dragon, whom we have at times called our allies, and perhaps even the Mantis and Unicorn, who have been our allies more often than not over the centuries. Even the venerable Brotherhood of Shinsei must be considered suspect, for there is no more insidious, corrupting form than that of the Spider

We must defend the Empire, my brothers, Even against itself, if necessary.

Hida Kisada
Crab Clan Champion

One thought on “A Letter From Hida Kisada (the little one)

  1. Oh the irony that its Renyu that is the real problem. That would be a conversation that I would like to see when Kisada realizes that he’s backing the wrong horse.

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