Episode 114 – Gates of Chaos

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download! (Wait, isn’t that how I started my last post? Maybe I should figure out some sort of schedule to space these things out?). The Strange Assembly crew looks at the Gates of Chaos expansion. And then, since there are barely a half-dozen Emperor-relevant Gates of Chaos cards, we provide a helpful summary of the information released so far about the improvements coming to L5R with Ivory Edition (have we mentioned that we’d really like it to be Ivory Edition now?). Also, we discuss the limited tournament result information available so far.

Strange Assembly – Episode 114 – Gates of Chaos

Also, we did something a little different with the audio this time. It’s more of a hassle, so let me know if you can tell any difference!

You can also see our written review of Gates of Chaos here.

4 thoughts on “Episode 114 – Gates of Chaos

  1. I don’t know if this is what I was supposed to be listening for, but there’s some kind of a strange metallic/reverb noise I hear which is especially loudly when Chris is talking… If that’s what we’re listening for, I actually find very distracting.

  2. I too have gotten to the point where I’d just rather Ivory Edition came, I’m glad A Matter of Honor will be Ivory Legal and contain the Ivory rules, it will make teaching and gearing up for the set a lot more fun. It will also be interesting to see what’s possible with Coils, Gates, Aftermath, and the Matter of Honor decks to start building for the upcoming season.

  3. Joke about 2 people playing european tournament was indeed quite poor. Just rest assured, that we’re joking on you’re american playing skills just as much as you joke about our european attendances 🙂

    1. It wasn’t a joke about European attendance, it was a joke about enlightenment decks (the premise being that enlightenment decks are weak, therefore it must have been a small tournament for an enlightenment deck to win). I mean, it was a dumb joke regardless, but it was a joke about a deck type.

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