Episode 108 – GenCon 2013 Wrap-Up

The newest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Jay and Mike talk about the games they played and the things they did at GenCon 2013 (that we didn’t cover in Episode 107 about L5R at GenCon, that is). That includes Firefly: the Game, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, X-Wing, Card of the Dead, Deadwood, D&D Next, Blood Bound, Trains, Space Cadets: Dice Duel, Eldritch Horror, Netrunner and Hex. And some other stuff. Man, there’s a lot to see at GenCon!

Strange Assembly – Episode 107 – GenCon 2013 Wrap-Up

One thought on “Episode 108 – GenCon 2013 Wrap-Up

  1. I’d like to chime in and back up Mike’s comment about how long the setup for the Netrunner tournament went. (Hi, Mike, I’m the guy who recognized you in round two or three on Friday and said hello.) I got there about 15 minutes before registration was to begin and started filling out a deck list. During that process, I realized I’d completely miscounted my Influence and my deck was no longer legal. For lack of any better option, after spending a couple of minutes really pissed at myself I ran back to my hotel room on the 16th floor of the Hyatt (one of the Skywalk-connected hotels), made a couple of quick substitutions until the deck was legal, and ran back and still had time to fill out a fresh deck list and sign up.

    (I wasn’t too worried about the deck’s makeup, my schedule makes it difficult to meet up with the local Netrunner players so mine wasn’t really playtested at all anyways and I was just happy to play at least a few rounds even with a crappy deck.)

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