Episode 078 – Tae-hyun

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download (four in a week! don’t expect them to continue at this rate!). We continue to bring you dispatches from Winter Court 3, as Chris gets together with Ralph Tropeano, the player of Shinjo Tae-hyun at WC3.

Strange Assembly – Episode 078 – Tae-hyun

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5 thoughts on “Episode 078 – Tae-hyun

  1. Ralph: I know exactly how you feel inre being completely ignored/thwarted at a winter court. I was Ikoma Yasuko at the first WC, and Lion were ignored or overruled about anything we tried to do.

    I appreciate the pod cast here; these interviews actually make me want to pay attn to the story again.

        1. They’ve gotten a bit delayed due to technical difficulties + me being sick pushing them back into the midst of Kotei season material. I would prefer not to say who I’m hoping to do interviews with and then have folks disappointed in Player X doesn’t work out due to the delays.

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