Clan Tourney Success in the 2013 Winter Court Season #3

Otherwise known as “Gates of Chaos Clan Tourney Success #2.” I’ll keep the introduction short, as I’m sure you’ve got the gist of these stats posts for now. I will take the time, however, to emphasize how relatively scattershot this particular data set is. Winter Court tournaments are almost never as well-attended as something like Kotei season. Add on top of that the general downturn in EE attendance. Add on top of that “end of arc” malaise (which, hopefully, we will never encounter again, after the new rotation system goes into effect next year). Add on top of that the fact that a reasonable number of the WC tournaments aren’t even Emperor Edition constructed (how a clan is doing in Big Deck or Strategic L5R just doesn’t have any relevance to how a clan is doing in the standard EE constructed format). And then consider that the rate of complete tournament points drops during Winter Court. Mix them together, and you’ve got a pretty small sample size that might not correspond to ‘reality’ as much as one might like.

Since there’s a bigger disparity than usual, I’ll also add in a reminder that the number of tournaments reflected in the “Won” column is reasonably larger than the number of tournaments in the rest of the data, because there are a reasonable number tournaments that have reported a winner but not full data.

Gates of Chaos
Players% of FieldMade CutWon% Made CutRelative Chance of Making Cut

“Make the Cut” Rankings

1a) Unaligned – 37%
1 ) Lion – 30%
2 ) Scorpion – 28%
3 ) Mantis – 26%
4 ) Phoenix – 21%
CLAN AVERAGE – 21% (reminder: this average does not include that 37% from Unaligned/Madness)
5 ) Dragon – 20%
6 ) Spider – 18%
7 ) Crane – 18%
8 ) Unicorn – 14%
9 ) Crab – 11%

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