Card of the “Day” (special pedantic edition): Project Vitruvius

Yes, I’m calling a one-shot single-card spotlight a “card of the day.” And I’ll probably call it that if I write one six months from now, but … I wanted to wax pedantic about this little gem:

Now Chris, you might ask, why did you choose this card, out of everything in the world, to highlight? It’s straightforward – a 3-for-2 agenda is handy, especially for HB Fast Advance, and maybe you get to use it as an Archived Memories. Well, the answer is this:

You may recognize this from the work of Leonardo da Vinci. It purports to depict a human male of ideal proportions. Haas-Bioroid is, of course, in the business of creating artificial human beings, especially ones that meet certain physical ideals (hello, Adonis Campaign). Leonardo’s drawing is mostly commonly called the Vitruvian Man, and that name comes from Roman architect … Vitruvius (Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, a detail which even I don’t think you should remember; I certainly had to look it up to write this). Vitruvius, now known almost entirely because of this connection to Leonardo da Vinci, wrote a text known as De Architectura (or just The Ten Books of Architecture), in which he describes human proportions in the manner later famously illustrated by Leonardo.

So, there is your inaugural Card of the Day (special pedantic edition).

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