Torn Asunder Decklinks #3

Like the post title says, more links to well-performing decklists. Lots of Crab Berserkers today. And Kalani’s Landing. And Kalani’s Landing. And Kalani’s Landing. I bet there’s some sort of Phoenix in there too.

Crab Berserkers – Hida Tatsira – Tacoma Kotei T8

Crab Berserkers – Hida Gordon – Auckland Kotei T8

Crab Berserkers – Hida CC – Buenos Aires Kotei T4

Dragon Nonhumans – Tenchuu – Buenos Aires Kotei T4

Lion Ancestors – Ikoma Ato – Orlando Kotei T4

Lion Ancestors – Matsu Akuto – Highlands Kotei T8


Lion ParaScouts – Matsu Sekira – Sheffield Kotei T4

Lion Nonhumans – Matsu Kurisu – Auckland Kotei T4

Mantis KL Magistrates – jamadman – Auckland Kotei T2

Mantis KL Magistrates – DDreischmeyer – Tacoma Kotei T4

Mantis KL Magistrates/Holdings – ReeYAwN – Orlando Kotei T8

Mantis AL Magistrates – Tsuruchi Nobunaga – Malaysia Kotei T8


What, none of the Nonhumans decks were out of me this time?

Mantis Pokemon – The Crimson Mantis – New Orleans Kotei T4

Phoenix ToP Monks – Hellbent – Vancouver Kotei Winner

Phoenix ToP Shiba – Z-bonken – Szczecin Kotei T8

Phoenix LoR Nonhumans – Case – Tacoma Kotei Winner

Scorpion LoDD Dishonor – Shosuro Khazius – Tacoma Kotei T8

Scorpion LoDD Dishonor – mpruett – Orlando Kotei T8

Unicorn Paragons – MotoKCi – Auckland Kotei Winner

Unaligned Shadowlands – dm_sb – Tacoma Kotei T8

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