Episode 067 – Joyce

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris, Jay, and Justin discuss the tournament scene and the anti-blitz errata, the Gamers 3 Kickstarter and Romance of the Nine Kingdoms, the reprinting of Forgotten Legacy (well, really more the hostile response received by new players who were unhappy with the possibility that it might not be reprinted), the new keywords from Seeds of Decay, and a general stream-of-conciousness drift.

Strange Assembly – Episode 067 – Joyce

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One thought on “Episode 067 – Joyce

  1. Thanks again for the podcast!

    I think lion blitz can still be played and still make for some games that are no fun, but I do think it lost enough punch that top players will steer clear of it and thus it won’t be as deforming. I found that if you put in copper mines for the low markets and go for a turn 2 single province, then 2 or 3 on turn 3 you can still play about the same game as before. It’s just much closer to the edge on turn 3/4. What it still has is great card economy (force for gold) and a very consistent flow of cards. I think its out for now but a deck you have to keep an eye on for a resurgence as each set comes out.

    Phoenix still seems to have plenty of muscle. I think the errata more shifted their focus rather than killed the deck type. They can still make good use of low market and have a better mid game than lion does.

    KL is coming down a small notch. Its still good, but it lost the ability to have a truly amazing start that helped it more than overcome going second in many games. I think that only opens up mantis to using other strongholds. The new one has a lot of potential after facing it in sealed. It has a real ability to change momentum in a military game.

    BTW: The brash unique dragon is pretty good on defense, Swapping force on defense is more potent than on attack, especially if your goal is simply not to loose a province. And of course brash is meaningless on defense. Of course you need to keep presence yourself to make it work. I have a nice Tamori Honor deck that likes to try and kill attacking armies and I may be able to squeeze him in there.

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