Shadow’s Embrace Decklists #1

Been a while, now, but they do tend to be the most popular posts here on Strange Assembly, and so we bring you . . . decklists! These are all from the pre-errata The Shadow’s Embrace environment, and include Crane Honor, Dragon Monks, Lion Ancestors, Lion Mid-Range, and Kalani’s Landing.

Lion Mid-Range Military – Tim Wells – GenCon Winner

Shamate Keep
Border Keep Exp
Bamboo Harvesters

# Dynasty (42)

# Celestials (1)
1 Jurojin’s Blessing

# Regions (3)
3 Natural Aviary

# Holdings (14)
3 Copper Mine
1 Traveling Peddler
3 Ageless Shrine
1 The Seekers’ Temple
1 Chugo Seido
2 Luxurious Silk
3 Remote Village

# Personalities (24)
1 Akodo Dairuko
1 Akodo Kobi – exp
3 Matsu Arata
3 Matsu Koyama
3 Akodo Kakihara
1 Ikoma Hakige
1 Ikoma Shika – exp
3 Ikoma Yamahatsu
3 Ikoma Shuji
1 Matsu Hana
1 Akodo Tsudoken – exp
1 Daigotsu Hotako – exp 3
1 Rokku – exp
1 Itoku – exp

# Fate (42)

# Strategies (38)
3 Cast Aside the Weak
1 A Game of Dice
1 Creating Order
1 Peace
3 Know No Fear
3 Sundering Strike
2 Thick Marsh
2 Serenity in Air
2 Broken Alliance
3 Grateful Reward
2 Great Sacrifice
3 Iron Will
2 At Any Cost
3 Effortless Counterattack
2 Gold and Steel
3 Entrenched Position
2 Brawl

# Rings (4)
1 Ring of the Void
1 Ring of Water
1 Ring of Fire
1 Ring of Earth


Kalani’s Landing – Eric Gardiner – GenCon T4

Kalani’s Landing
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


Jurojin’s Blessing
The Moon’s Imperative
Gaining Advantage
Imperial Gift
Second City

3 Kobune Port
3 Luxurious Silks
2 Traveling Peddler
2 Prosperous Village
Chugo Seido
Imperial Treasury
Falling Rain Dojo

Yoritomo Hiromi
Yoritomo Sachina
Tsuruchi Samuru
Shadow Dragon xp2
Shosuro Aroru xp2
Soshi Yoshihara xp
Yoritomo Singh
3 Yoritomo Kanaye
3 Yoritomo Kanahashi
3 Yoritomo Tarao
2 Yoritomo Hama
3 Yoritomo Sakuma


3 Basic Lesson
3 Govern the Land
A Game of Dice
Creating Order
Heir’s Wrath
Mysterious Deaths
Fruitless Search
2 Hidden Defenses
2 Sacrifice of Pawns
3 Sword for Hire
3 Steel on Steel
3 Stain Cleansed
3 Forged Documents
3 Broken Alliance
3 Indecision
2 Seeking the Question

Ring of Earth
Ring of Fire

Isha’s Yumi
Black Pearl


Ancestor Honor – Travis Cooper – GenCon T16

Halls of Memory
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters


1x Jurojin’s Blessing
1x Hotei’s Contentment

1x Imperial Gift
1x Twisted Fate
1x The Turquoise Championship
2x Delayed Arrival

1x Blighted Region

3x Remote Village
3x Copper Mine
3x Temple of Hotei
3x Second City Dojo
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Chugo Seido

3x Kitsu Tamasine
3x Kitsu Kagako
3x Kitsu Akai
3x Kitsu Suki
3x Kitsu Sorano
2x Kitsu Kanei
1x Kitsu Sorano exp


1x Celestial Sword of the Lion

1x Unnatural Flood
3x Seeking the Way
1x Hanabi

1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of Earth

1x A Game of Dice
3x Forging Destiny
3x Rocky Terrain
2x Flooded Pass
2x Skipping the Puddle
3x Wrathful Ancestor
3x My Enemy’s Mercy
3x Unimpeachable Name
3x Wall of Honor
3x A Forefather’s Vengeance
3x Visitation
3x Entrenched Position


Otomo Honor – Amanda Lau – Emerald Championships T16

Kyuden Otomo exp.
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters

Dynasty (43/40)

Celestials (2)
Doji’s Guidance
Hotei’s Contentment

Events (6)
The Turquoise Championship
Gaining Advantage
Imperial Gift
The Emerald Championship
Wisdom Gained
Boastful Proclamation

Holdings (14)
Well-Tended Farm  x 3
Small Farm x 3
Temple Fortress x 3
Governor’s Court x 2
Large Farm x 2
Stone of Remembrance

Region (1)
The Second City

Personalities (18)
Asahina Yasutora x 3
Asahina Kitiaru
Doji Dainagnon x 2
Doji Rengetsu x 3
Doji Shunya x 3
Daidoji Sosuke x 3
Kakita Seishi x 3

Fate (40)

Follower (1)
Asahina House Guard

Items (3)
Dazzling Attire x 3

Rings (3)
Ring of Earth
Ring of Fire
Ring of Void

Strategies (36)
A Game of Dice
Fruitless Search
Creating Order
Relentless Conviction
Rhetoric x 3
The Courtesy of the Crane x 3
Dismissing the Cur x 3
One Koku x 3
Favors x 3
String of Victories x 3
Accidental Confession x 3
Desperate Mediation x 3
Sheathing the Sword x 2
Request Authorization x 2


Monks! – Mike Petke – Emerald Championshis T16

Pillars of Virtue
Border Keep (Exp)
Bamboo Harvesters (Exp)


Togashi’s Guidance (Exp)

Wisdom Gained

Colonial Harbor x3
Gold Mine x3
Heavy Infantry Dojo x3
Second City Dojo x3
The Seekers’ Temple
Tranquil Garden
Traveling Peddler

Togashi Hizumi x2
Togashi Kasuru x3
Togashi Korimi x3
Togashi Korimi (Exp)
Togashi Meiyu x3
Togashi Osawa (Exp)
Togashi Rikyou x3
Togashi Sakata x3
Togashi Torazu x3


Tamori House Guard

Ring of Air
Ring of Earth
Ring of Fire
Ring of the Void
Ring of Water

A Game of Dice
A Yojimbo’s Duty x2
Burning Fury x3
Creating Order
Deadly Discipline x3
Engulfing Flames x3
Falling Leaf Strike x3
Introspection x3
Nerve Strike x3
Rumors Travel x2
Serenity in Air
Snake Tattoo x3
String of Victories
The Lesson of Earth x3
The Weakness of Man x2


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