Episode 65 – GenCon 2012 L5R DT Interview

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris sits down with Legend of the Five Rings CCG lead designer Bryan Reese to talk about L5R and the return of Art of War.

Strange Assembly – Episode 065 – GenCon 2012 L5R Design Team Interview

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Programming note: due to business travel, I will not be able to start working on the final GenCon interview, with the L5R story team, for another week.

One thought on “Episode 65 – GenCon 2012 L5R DT Interview

  1. ‘As playtest was going on, this was starting to get picked up, that their results was showing that Spider was underperforming, so we gave them crap like the stuff they got in SoD, which is terrible, while the very competitive Mantis got the best previews in the set.’

    *Eyeroll* He said nothing other than ‘Spider is bad, and we’re trying to fix it’.

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