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I’ve backed a couple of Kickstarter things recently, and I thought that (like the Gamers: Hand of Fate post), if I’m interested in things on Kickstarter I should share that with you guys. And there are a couple on there now that I’ve backed or am seriously considering. Now, if I was really trying to help these folks, I’d probably take the time to write at more length about these projects, but that’s not going to happen if you ever want to hear those L5R Design and Story Team interviews.

Not sure how often these posts will happen, but I’ll throw that “#1” tag on this one in case it comes up again.

Numenera: This sci-fi RPG from Monte Cook looks pretty innovative, but I have to admit that what pushed this one from “I’m considering it” to “I’m backing it” is that there’s going to be a Thunderstone tie-in, and if you’ve been paying attention you know I really like Thunderstone. The best price point for this one is probably the $60 “Real Deal,” which gets you the hardcover core book and then PDFs of almost a dozen supplementary products (you can add physical copies of all of these on, but it starts to get pricey). You can add the limited edition version of Thunderstone Numenera for $50. The best location for info on the game itself is not the Kickstarter page, but the game’s own website. Numenera ends in less than a week, and is fully funded with tons of stretch goals add-ons included in that $60 package.

Fallen City of Karez: A much lower-profile Kickstarter, Fallen City of Karez is actually on its second go-round after failing the first time, and now coming back with a publisher and a more refined product (the new Kickstarter doesn’t end for another 25 days, but is already fully funded). Karez is a semi-cooperative game that incorporates both euro-game and dungeon fighting aspects, as players take on the roles of guilds trying to elevate themselves while rebuilding the fallen capital of the Empire. Two things drew me to this one. First, I like mixing of mechanics instead of just getting tweaking of the same things again. Second, the general concept reminded me of an L5R-themed game idea I had been kicking around about the Great Clans vying to reclaim and rebuild Otosan Uchi. Sorry, the early bird stretch goal is sold out, so it’s now $40 for a copy of the game.

Unexploded Cow: OK, I don’t really know anything about this one, except that it’s from Cheapass Games and in one of our recent episodes some of the other guys opined that it would be nice to seem them come back. So here they are, coming back. Unexploded Cow’s Kickstarter ends in about 3 days, and it is fully funded.

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  1. YES! I was so excited to see the Cheapass Games Kickstarter!!!! Kickstarter is totally perfect for James Ernest, who is probably the best game designer alive today, in my humble opinion.

    Also it’s not a game, but there is a documentary about the origins of D&D on Kickstarter that is more interesting than you might initially think and I’ve seen Tweets about it from Mike Mearls (lead designer on 4th and DNDnext) and Monte Cook (who actually said to back it over backing his own project):

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