Episode 057 – Random

Episode 057 of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris, Mike, and Jay talk about this year’s Winter Court season, the GenCon promo pack, why L5R doesn’t have tiebreakers, and Chris’s new brainstorm that maybe family honor shouldn’t have anything to do with who goes first. The gang also discusses Lost Cities, Through the Ages, and Quarriors, and does a full review of FFG’s new version of WizWar.

Strange Assembly – Episode 057 – Random

You can discuss the episode here, or on our forums (where you’ll also find show notes).

2 thoughts on “Episode 057 – Random

  1. I thought this was a really good discussion.

    The reason for linking Family Honor to starting order is to justify the the gold-to-force/ability quality disparities between personalities of different clans because THAT, to be honest, is what puts a lot of the color on different clans. There needed to be some trade-off for making crabs bigger and burlier relative to crane. Otherwise, Crab would just be better, and a Crane courtier should not have to deal with being blitzed by berserkers. So, I think FH still needs to be involved.

    That said, I think the old system of cut-and-add would be better these days given bamboo harvesters. If people were still arbitrarily adding high-FV cards that are otherwise dead, then all you would need to do is make BH better. Then, the benefit of adding high FV cards simply to go first would not be worth the cost of allowing your opponent to play better cards AND getting BH.

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