Episode 050 – Refrigerator (Part 2)

Strange Assembly Episode 50 (Refrigerator – Part 2) is now available for download.  Join Chris, Jay, Kevin, and Mike as they kick off the Embers of War set review.  This episode includes Unicorn and Scorpion-focused cards (and a healthy dose of story discussion derail).

Strange Assembly – Episode 050 – Refrigerator (Part 2)

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3 thoughts on “Episode 050 – Refrigerator (Part 2)

  1. Regarding your comment on Help from the Shadows, you guys misunderstood the card slightly. “Ninja unit” means every card in the unit mus have the ninja trait, including followers, spells, and items (weapons/armor/blank). So a ninja with Wyrmbone Katana or another nice weapon will not be a legal target for this card. It certainly a strong card but it won’t be moving to many large units to sleeze provinces any time soon.

    1. The rules (in a bit added on April 23, 2012) say that “A unit has a keyword (for example, Cavalry or Ninja) if its Personality and all its Followers have that keyword.” “Ninja unit” is the same as the old wording that targeted “a Ninja Personality with no non-Ninja Followers.”

      1. I need to stay up to date on rules as AEG seems to be changing them on the fly much like the assignment rule you guys mentioned in the cast.

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